Name Those Beatle Songs


Hello Steemit! First time I am posting in this community, Feel Good. I went over all the community list and decided this is the best place to post this.

I received this cartoon illustration in my FB account and it had the heading: "There are 39 Beatles song in this. See how many you can find." I am a Beatles fan and I love their songs. I had a blast trying this out and I knew I just had to share this in Hive. If you are one, see if you can name some and post them on the comments below. Some may have to be pointed out where in the cartoon is the particular song depicted. Unless, of course, it is too obvious like "I Am The Walrus" shown towards the lower right side of the cartoon. Think you'd like to try?


Hope you enjoy this just for fun post. Might help in amusing you in your locked down condition. Thanks for visiting! Have Fun!!

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