Steem Poll | Development Update | On Track for a Mid-December Release!!

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Hi all. I have stayed away from making new posts here on Steemit for a little over a week now. This was because I was working on building my very first DApp, Steem Poll. Now, I have all the components needed to make the release. So, finally decided to break the ice and make an announcement of the same.

What is Steem Poll?

Say Hello to Steem Poll

Steem Poll, like the name suggests, is a polling application that uses the Steem Blockchain to store the Poll details. Many of you might remember DPoll that used to exist over here. Using SteemPoll, you will be able to create Polls that the community members would be able to vote on.

This could be any question that you might have, the multiple-choice option allows users to vote on the option that they strongly support. At the end of the poll duration, the results of the Poll will be shared on the same post.

Am I reusing the old DPoll?

DPoll was an application written using Python. I am a developer who has not worked on Python applications in the past. So, DPoll is being developed entirely using .NET 6. C# and .NET are my daily drivers. So, I decided to not try something crazy and stick to the things that I am good at.

How does Steem Poll broadcast transactions?

Here is an example of a poll being created

Currently, SteemPoll makes use of happyberryboy's keychain to broadcast transactions onto the Steem blockchain. However, I do intend to use Steemjs or dSteem to support the non-users of Keychain as well.

What about the filters for the posts?

All the posts made using Steem Poll will be posted on the Steem Poll community. I will be making use of @steemchiller's SDS API to fetch the trending, new, payouts, hot posts on the blockchain. I have decided to use this initially because the SDS APIs have proven to be amazingly reliable and faster to develop using. Additionally, the fact that Steemcryptic already has this implemented means that I can reuse the code I've written over there.

I will also be developing a proprietary Search and filter without bot votes for Steem Poll. However, I doubt if I will be able to have them up by the end of the year.

What would the post look like on Steemit?

This is what a post made by Steem Poll looks like on Steemit. It literally doesn't look like a Poll

The post that is made using Steem Poll, would not look any different than the posts on Steemit. However, you would still need to use Steem Poll to be able to create Polls. There is a lot of custom data that is added to your post that makes it easy for Steem Poll to work as it does.

The same goes for Voting on a particular option as well.

What all features have been developed so far?

Viewing a Poll on STeem Poll

Steem Poll 4.PNG
Creating a Poll on Steem Poll

The ability to create posts and vote on them has been implemented so far. The numerous filters are something that I need to just pick from Steemcryptic and add them here.

Currently, there is no option to add a description to the Poll. So, that should be done this weekend. Additionally, even though it's not my strong suit, I would want to refine the UI of Steem Poll before I release it for the public.

What next?

Keep an eye out for my development activities. I will announce as and when I make some major strides forward towards the release of Steem Poll. Also, please subscribe to community. That is where all the polls would be hosted.

Also, I would like to thank all my supporters who have voted for me as their witness. If you do want to support my work further(and haven't voted me yet), please do consider voting me as your witness by heading over to and voting starlord28 as your witness. Currently, I'm ranked 47 on this list.


PS: This DApp was requested by @sapwood. I'm having a great time developing it now!

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This DApp was requested by @sapwood. I'm having a great time developing it now!

Thank you so much for investing your time in developing this application.

I firmly believe that this is a much-needed tool in Steem Blockchain. The community leaders can conduct a poll, they can quickly get an idea of that poll, the viewpoint of the community, they can involve the community in decision-making process using this tool; therefore such an application in Steem Blockchain will definitely usher and strengthen the era of the decentralized community-based ecosystem.

Thanks a ton.

Steem on.


Good day professor @sapwood. My last two assignments wasn't graded and I wasn't given any reason. Im confused sir. Please can you kindly check them out sir. Thank you sir.

Here are the links

Awesome work, lots of use's for this on Steemit.


Yup. Hoping to get this done soon.

extraordinary, extraordinary, like this is very good, steepoll, hopefully it can develop well, good luck


Wow this is really great
Obviously for me I feel there is a great gap between the leaders and members with this tool we can reduce the bridge.

Nice one @starlord28


Ya, no SEO automatically optimization 😊

This DApp is necessary for anyone who wants to create a poll. It will be very interesting if there are companies that use this DApp to find out what the steemit community thinks about their products. This will be really great..