The biggest Bitcoin event in history is just a few days away


There is a news that will relieve you these days when #crypto #money #pricing is driven by various manipulations. The #Bitcoin #conference, which will take place at the beginning of next month, will be remembered as the largest Bitcoin event in history. At the conference; Many speakers who have achieved significant success in the world of technology, politics, sports and the arts will attend.

Bitcoin conferences have been actively held since 2011. We searched for details about the event that will take place in Miami this year.

🚩Early Bitcoin era
At the time of Bitcoin's first emergence, the number of events and attendees was very small. Sometimes Bitcoin events, which took place in a hotel meeting room or a university classroom, were purely aimed at getting the community to know each other. Thus, the interaction of the Bitcoin community that started to form on the internet could increase.

🚩We can easily observe the development of the crypto money industry in the last decade through the organization of Bitcoin conferences. The first Bitcoin event is held in New York, USA in 2011. The announcement of the event is made at the famous forum where its founder #Satoshi #Nakamoto is actively in contact with early Bitcoiners. Announcing it, #Bruce #Wagner is a talkshow #host and Bitcoin advocate.

🚩2021 Bitcoin Conference
The conference will begin on the morning of June 3, US time, and end on the evening of June 5. Michael Saylor, one of the advocates of popular crypto money , Jack Dorsey , the founder of Twitter, and Nick Szabo, the famous cryptographer, will deliver their speeches at the conference . Other notable speakers are the former US Senator Ron Paul and Wyongmin Senator Cynthia Lummis . Senator Lummis has a very close relationship with the US financial sector. It establishes the US Senate Financial Innovation Caucus to inform senators and executives in the #USA. This institute is directly related to the research of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, as well as the institutional adaptation of this transformation.

🚩We see that the famous software company #Microsoft is among the sponsor names along with major exchanges such as #Binance and #FTX. In addition, we can say that the number of sponsors has increased this year, unlike the conferences in the previous years. Parallel to this, it is an important issue that the event is taking place in Miami this year. Because new Silicon Valleys are required for the rapid adaptation of blockchain technology, and Zug city in Switzerland and Miami are the best examples to be given in this regard.

🚩How can I join the conference?
10,000 people will be able to attend the event, which will take place at the #Mana Wynwood Convention Center in #Miami. However, participants from virtually all over the world are accepted. You can check tickets on the #Eventbrite platform. In addition, special tickets for whales are sold in the " #Whale #Tickets" category. In addition, Whale Tickets owners will be able to meet Tony Hawk, one of the legendary skateboarders, and participate in the " Whale Night" event expected to take place on June 5th .

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