What's Mdex(MDX)

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Mdex Coin is the native cryptocurrency of Mdex, operated on behalf of the uniqueness and success of the blockchains on which the project works.


📢What is Mdex (MDX)?
#Mdex (MDX) is a #DEX platform located on the #Huobi exchange blockchain #Heco. Eco-token transactions and trinity features; With the integration of DEX, #IMO and #DAO, it has made a strategic positioning that offers the most suitable choice for the largest DeFi ecosystem. With it, users can access a dual liquidity and transaction mining mechanism. In addition, Mdex provides a secure transaction and guaranteed liquidity process. The platform aims to create cross-chain compatibility to create a unified DEX ecosystem.

The Mdex protocol has several features that make it special. As an #Automated #Market #Maker, Mdex assists organizations in high-speed execution by providing a convenient platform to support the process. The platform, which provides a secure transaction with its double mining mechanism, guarantees the liquidity process.

Together with the concept of depositing all funds, the automatic market maker enhances trading activities that lead to an increase in the liquidity process. The conversion of Mdex tokens to other cryptocurrencies and cash is simplified. The Mdex platform is also used for fundraising. The Mdex IMO platform simplifies the donation process.

The Mdex protocol offers fast transactions and low fees compared to Ethereum for integrating compatibility with Binance Smart Chain or smart systems. With version 2.0, Mdex has enhanced platform features. Mdex offers users a faster, secure and user-friendly platform in a liquid trading system at low or no cost.

📢Where to Buy MDX Coin?
MDX Coin can be safely traded on Binance , the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume . MDX Coin; It trades in MDX/BTC, MDX/BNB, MDX/BUSD and MDX/USDT pairs on the #Binance platform. MDX Coin is trading at $1.12 at the time of this guide.

To buy MDX, you must first be a member of the Binance exchange. Cryptocurrency or fiat currency should be transferred to Binance passbook upon completion of membership. After the transfer is complete, you can buy MDX Coins in all four pairs mentioned above. In order to purchase the MDX/USDT trading pair, you must first go to the interface of this parity. In the MDX/USDT interface, the amount to be purchased is entered in the field specified in the limit tab. After specifying the amount, the purchase is made with the Buy MDX order.

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