Lucky Draw Winner Announcement🎁

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Hopefully your enjoy Here and earn some money from our community .....

THANKS for participation

1st winner = @chibuzorwisdom
5 Steem

Post link:

2nd winner =
3 Steem

Post link:

3rd winner = @skitzo786
2 Steem

Post link:

Thanks to all for participation better luck next Time

Next lucky draw soon.... support my account and community ....
we will go together

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Our Community Update

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This community is one that lives from give and take. No matter if you are a small plankton or a fat whale. You are very welcome here.

We also need active MOD for our community after 2 weeks we will select from our members whos active and more communicate in steemit so lets ready for MOD that`s our new community we will go up🎢📊

You can also support our community by delegation
Delegate Steem Power To @booster007 and Show Your SUPPORT

250 SP500 SP1000 SP

Post original content.
X No copy Paste
Avoid posting in regards to pornography and other such related topics.
Engage with everyone and let's help each other grow :)

We are Really Thankful To Steemit Team who Helped us!
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Thank you very much 👏👏👏
Let's keep growing together 😊😊 i
Thanks again for giving me the opportunity.


Thank You so much @rehankhan @dailycryptoupdates made my day.

Wow thank you very much sir

Congrats to the winners

Waiting for the MOD 🙂🙂🙂


WELCOME i will make you MOD

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