Types of Beautiful Betta Fish In Aceh


Hello all friends! This time, we will discuss a little knowledge about Betta fish. Betta fish have long been known by the people of Indonesia. Its beautiful and attractive shape makes people's interest in this one fish so high. Many people keep Betta fish as ornamental fish to decorate their home aquarium. These are the types of Betta fish in ACEH.

Betta fish are divided into two groups, namely ornamental betta fish to be kept and fighting betta fish. Not infrequently, Indonesian people keep Betta fish for complaints and fight with other Betta fish. Despite having the same beautiful shape, fighting Bettas are more aggressive and often fight to show who is stronger among them.

Betta fish are native to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This fish can be found in swamps, lakes, rice fields, and ditches where the water stagnates in the Aceh region.

Most Betta fish sold in the market come from the Splendens complex group. The most popular type is Betta splendens or often also referred to as Siamese fighting fish aka fighting fish from Siam. Several crosses of Betta splendens produce interesting types of Betta fish. Betta fish population in Indonesia is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the Indonesian Ornamental Betta Society (MCHI) contest some time ago. Through the contest, several types of Betta fish appeared in Indonesia. that's in aceh.

As the name suggests, this Halfmoon Betta fish has a semicircular tail. The shape of the half moon will be visible when we look at it from the side. This type of Betta fish has an attractive beauty, so breeders keep this type of fish as an ornamental fish because it has a bright red color, bright yellow, and other distinctive colors.

Currently, there are many betta fish cultivation or hatcheries in the country which are no less interesting and it is not impossible to produce new species of betta fish.

That's all I can explain about this beautiful betta fish

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