Shady tree in my house

11개월 전

This time I will share information about photos of shady trees in the area where I live in a small village
and shady trees are done to bring coolness and shade in the house area. I live or in the village I am in

a beautiful and large tree that is also shady Its character that provides shade will make the residents of the house feel comfortable to do activities outside the home, even during the hot day.

But more than that, the presence of tree elements in the home garden should also be maximized as an aesthetic element.

Both to decorate the garden area itself, as well as to support the character of the house building.

Yes, as part of the park, trees should not be placed carelessly. In addition to the placement of shade trees, the arrangement of the area around the tree also needs to be considered in order to create a garden with beautiful visuals.

That's all I can tell you all this time

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