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hi friends wherein all wherever you are must be in good health always and always in a state of sharing your posts on steemit and where.

Well, friends wherein all on the occasion tonight we meet again here and I will share a post about the fate of today's children.

So, when I visited a place where my friend worked in a coffee shop in the "Samalanga" area, namely in Aceh. I accidentally woke up in the morning around 10:30 WIB. then I went out to find a cup of coffee, then I looked to my left why there was so much noise, it turned out that small children who were about 10 years old or more were playing on their cellphones and they were not studying when they were told to study by their school but they were fun playing games. It's really a shame for today's children where they are no longer educated like when I was still as old as them. indeed the world today is fooling small children now in terms of learning. because they were told to study through their cellphones due to the covid-19 outbreak, but they weren't even studying but playing games. What's really sad is that those who are underage or whose age is still considered children have been told to hold cellphones, it's really unfortunate because they are not smart when they use cellphones, they become even more stupid towards children like that.

So, the conclusion of my post is that when they are still small like that, we shouldn't need to give them or get to know smartphones first, because it is really dangerous if they use or already know the name of the smartphone. because by using them it's not smart but instead fooling them all for their future

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