La gata adoptada/The Adopted Cat


Comunidad wherein esta gatita adoptada ha demostrado ser muy cariñosa quiere estar siempre cargada, disfruta que le acaricie su pancita y cabeza, donde voy ella me sigue, se ha puesto más bonita, cuando llegó estaba muy flaca y débil. Ahora ha ganado peso, es muy activa y cazadora, come cucarachas, reptiles, moscas y chiripa esto bueno porque limpia la casa.

Community where this kitten adopted has proven to be very affectionate, she wants to always be loaded, she enjoys being caressed on her belly and head, where I go she follows me, she has become prettier, when she arrived she was very skinny and weak. Now she has gained weight, she is very active and hunter, she eats cockroaches, reptiles, flies and flukes this good because she cleans the house.

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