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Eggplant cooked with dried fish

Hello my food loving friends!

How are you all? Hope everybody is well and healthy. I'm fine too. Today I will talk to you about a traditional dish. That is dried fish. Everyone likes dried fish more or less. Especially the Bengalis like their dried fish very much. I like it too. Today I cooked lunch with eggplant. It is very tasty to eat. I'm sorry I can't present the whole recipe to you. Because I was good at cooking, I couldn't take pictures step by step.

I couldn't think what to cook this afternoon. So I had some dried fish in my fridge. The ones I cooked today. I thought I would cook something special today with dried fish. So I was watching on YouTube to cook dried fish with eggplant and thought I would try it today. That's why I cooked this recipe today. It was very tasty to eat. I can't tell you. Those who like to eat dried fish will eat it with eggplant crying. A very fun food and tasty food.
I first fried the dried fish lightly in a pan. Then I washed it well in hot water. After that, I put all the spices in the pan one by one for a while and then for a few months I added the dried fish again for a while. Put another pan in another oven, grind eggplant in it, fry it for a while with salt and turmeric powder and add it to the dried fish and cook for a while. When cooked in this way, the food is very fun and tasteful.
This dried fish is one of my husband's favorite foods. I will try to explain the whole process to you when I cook this dried fish next time and I will share the tips so that you can easily cook this recipe. So friends, you will be good, healthy and eat good food.
Thanks everyone.

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