My Actifit Report Card: August 12 2021

5개월 전

I’ve gotten an absurd number of steps in the past two days (by my standards.) I didn’t even have time to post it yesterday but it was around 19,000. The process of packing in preparation for a move and cleaning every last thing from a space is probably one of my least favorite things I’ve had the displeasure of doing in life.

I enjoy actually being in a new place, it’s just all the mechanics of making that happen that I experience as being extremely hellish.

It was very similar when I worked in a professional touring band, which was a major reason I finally quit. The traveling life is definitely not the life for me. I prefer to stay in one place and use my energy towards mental, emotional, and spiritual “travel” instead of so much physical.

I didn’t want to stop at a hotel halfway to Nashville from Dallas tonight, however we got started so late on the 10-hour drive and had to do so much physical labor that everyone (Mom, Dad, and I) were exhausted. I’m also moving my two cats.

I took more caffeine at 7 pm thinking to go all the way before all plans were changed, so I don’t expect to be able to sleep much. We have to be up around 7 am and get to Nashville before the people helping us move get to the house at 2 pm. I was opposed to stopping for multiple reasons, including the bare fact that I strongly dislike hotels of all kinds. I rarely sleep well in any new space the first night.

Also, I gave up sleeping on beds a couple years back. I sleep on the ground, with a bit of padding underneath.

Anyway, I was laying here trying to sleep and unable and thought I should at least post Actifit Report with the insane activity recently.

Hope everyone is well and safe at home unlike me!

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