My Actifit Report Card: October 25 2020


Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by today!

Sunday is always a good day as it begins with church. It was good worship and a good sermon.

Afterwards, we came home and had a bite of lunch. I spent a little time FB instant messaging with a fellow actifitter and friend a half a world away. Then it was time to hike.

Jan met me out front as @silvertop had hiked ahead in order to do a something on his computer during the hike. He wanted to make sure he was at a place on the trail for cell service as his hotspot was needed.

Jan and I hiked onward figuring we’d eventually catch up with him. This is part of the Buckhorn Loop trail.


I can imagine garden gnomes tucked in and around all the moss that is on both sides of the trail.

We arrived at Towhee Ridge not only to find @silvertop, but to also find Keith and Lynne there as well. They were out clearing some fallen tree debris here and there.

@actifit-lamb invited her brother Winchester and cousin Wellington to a tea party. The other girls all stayed home.

It was a fabulous day for hot tea on a cold hike!

After the hike, I needed to roast coffee for us but also for a surprise for a friend who has no idea it’s coming his way!

With dinner and a spot of tv done, it’s blogging and then hopefully off to bed for me.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and keep on @actifit steppin’! 👣
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