My Actifit Report Card: September 15 2021



#nofilter #noedits
Today, I discovered a park surrounded by high-rise buildings. Thus, I decided to explore the park.

The park was nicely landscaped, well-maintained, but does not allow dogs ☹️

The skies were blue and clear. My surroundings was serene but I was feeling quite the opposite inside; dark, gloomy, clouded and unrested. The passing of my grandmother on 11 September #911 has left me questioning myself and life.

That's when I started to take note of the details of my surroundings and try my best to #liveinthemoment ;taking long deep breaths, basking in the warmth of the sun and enjoying the sounds from the surrounding animals.

This is life that often one takes for granted. Now and today I appreciate being able to breath without support, see with minimal aid, hear, walk, eat and drink, etc. without support. 🙏❤️

Walking slowly down the path, a view came to sight that reminded me of the Circle of Life.

A Chinese pavilion surrounded by brick separators with circular holes in the middle and the shape of a circle dug around a tree on the ground.

This is today and tomorrow is a brand new day 🌞

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