Quarantine Life Day 224 / My Actifit Report Card: October 25 2020


Good day Actifitters!

The weather is fine earlier as the sun has appeared. Considering there's a typhoon hitting our country, that looks unusual. However, it began to become gloomy, and there are rainshowers as of this time. Some provinces are already flooded, and hoping this won't worsen the Covid19 problem as some people will flee to evacuation centers.

Covid19 Cases

No slow down was observed as total worldwide cases continue to spike, now close to 43 million (actually 42.99 million). Here are the current tally of the most affected countries: United States (8.72 million), India (7.9 million), Brazil (5.39 million), and Russia (1.51 million). Additional data here.

Philippines tallied more than 2k again, as the current total is now more than 370k. The good news is recoveries went up to 328k. Pangasinan's number of cases is fluctuating now with 358 total active cases.

Actifit Report

I woke up thinking what day is it, then I realized it was Sunday so I rushed to prepare our breakfast, and to attend our meetings in sign language. I feel quite tired in the afternoon so I decided to take a rest, and unable to do my daily exercises. Thus, I didn't reach my goal as I only reached more than 3,500 activity counts.

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Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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