Betterlife The dairygame Construction work in my house. ||09||05||2021||

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Assalam.o.Alaikum! My all friends I hope you will be fine by the grace of Allah.
Today I get up early in the morning. Make ablution and go to mosque for prayer after prayer I recite holy Quran. After 1 hour I left the mosque. After prayer I decided to go on morning walk. Today morning very beautiful because cold wind was blowing. This was looking very charming scene. Birds flying with joy. Tree dancing with happiness. This is very incredible scene.After 1 hour I came back to home and take a breakfast.


Today very busy for me because construction work running in my house. Today I feel that labourer very hard worker. They work very hard and make beautiful buildings.i appreciate to workers for this hardness. This is very difficult work of construction.


Has anybody at any point contemplated individuals who fabricated the structures? Has anybody at any point contemplated the work that is done to construct clinics, schools, scaffolds, and houses? There is a high possibility that the vast majority in the pakistan have run over some kind of development that is being done headed to work or on their way to the store. It may have been a development of another street, a recreation center, or even a high rise.


The measure of work that is done to fabricate a trustworthy and effective design implies that a development laborer needs to invest a ton of time and energy in the work region. Such a task squeezes every specialist since they day by day manage numerous troublesome issues like postponements, awful climate, and cutoff times.


Both female and male development laborers wind up working similarly as hard to beat these troubles, yet not the two of them are offered equivalent freedoms to be employed in the field of development. Male specialists have verifiably ruled the field of development.


Development occupations like glazier, handyman, painter, and electrical technician have been viewed as male positions for a long time. Thus it isn't astonishing that there is a lower number of ladies laborers in this field of work since ladies are viewed as sensitive and frail because of the generalization of our way of life. In this manner, there is less confidence and trust in ladies ability in doing a man's work. Factors like sexual segregation, disparity in installment, and an unpleasant climate in the.


the development business projected to develop throughout the following quite a while and project the board positions sought after, the cosmetics of the development business is frequently ignored. At the point when one glances at a place of work, or even contemplates the development business, the most widely recognized picture that strikes a chord is men working away in hard caps and neon vests, with ladies totally superfluous to this image. Ladies are the biggest undiscovered asset of the development business, as it is accepted that men.

fundamental key factor in development ventures and various of development projects have been fizzled and fruitless because of deficiency of talented works. These days pakistani development enterprises confronting a genuine danger that is lack of gifted specialists which possibly have an adverse consequence on development ventures in addition to can have enduring terrible impacts on the country's improvement in future. In light of announced investigations, this writing survey unmistakably.


Construction site provide jobs to people both men and women. But lake of skilled workers. Skilled workers make beautiful buildings but unskilled workers creat difficulties in construction choose skilled workers everytime.
But we should have rewards to real labourers. Because they are only hard worker person in our society.

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Your post is very good and I have also liked it. You are working too hard .

Nice post you collect a beautiful pictures, this work is very hard in very warm days,but work is a part of life,I hope you continue shearing your thoughts and experience with us.


Thanks bro for your appreciation 😊.


Welcom most welcom

Your post is very amazing
And full of hard work
May Allah succeeded you in your aim


Inshallah and thanks for your appreciation.

Dear @akmalshakir your collection of pictures in your diary is very nice ...good work i like it


Thanks bro 😊