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Assalam.o.Alaikum my whole steemian friends I hope you will be fine by the grace of Allah. Today I get up early in the morning. Make ablution and go to mosque for prayer after prayer I recite holy Quran. After 1 hour I left the mosque. After prayer I decided to go on morning walk. Today morning very beautiful because cold wind was blowing. This was looking very charming scene. Birds flying with joy. Tree dancing with happiness. This is very incredible scene.After 1 hour I came back to home and take a breakfast.


At afternoon I go on butcher shop. Words most of slaughtering happened in pakistan.Today I gave you Meat industry information and pakistan importance in Meat industry. Meat and meat items holds vital importance in gathering dietary necessities filling in as significant protein source and give fundamental nutrients and minerals. Meat utilization is the consideration of meat and meat items in the eating routine, affected by culture, monetary status and strict standards.


Internationally, purchaser request is expanding for solid, sterile and safe meat and meat items because of developing populace, pay level and food decisions. As, food decisions are primarily affected by locale, religion and financial level.
Among these, religion is considered as crucial segment and family pay has positive connection to meat utilization. This reality depicts the higher per capita meat utilization by created nations than that of creating ones.


In any case, religion is one of the central point to impact the food decisions. In this unique circumstance, halal food sources a developing pattern, exchange assessed to cross Halal meat and partnered items is prerequisite from Muslims however it is likewise acknowledged by non-Muslims because of protected and sterile nature, nutritious worth and prevalent quality.

Pakistan meat industry is energetic and has considered thorough to be during a decade ago as government additionally showed interest to support domesticated animals creation and preparing offices to meet expanding neighborhood and worldwide interest. The business can possibly become inferable from its normal creature raising ability, muslim lion's share country , act of spontaneity of market and buyer inclination towards halal meat.


Current audit discusses Pakistan meat industry situation, creation pattern, worldwide exchange just as future potential concerning modernization, preparing, dissemination and exchange. The information introduced here is valuable for meat makers, processors and individuals associated with fare of Pakistani meat and meat based items.


Various components associated with advancing the possibilities of animals and creature farming including huge cows populaces, immense rural crude materials to be utilized as feed and grain, and huge scope meat butchering and preparing plants . In Pakistan, domesticated animals populace for the most part involves cows, bison, goats, sheep, poultry and camel.


The quality animals genetic stock in Pakistan relying upon generation, weight, milk and meat are Nili-Ravi and Kundi types of wild oxen, Red Sindhi and Thari types of cows, Kajli, Thali, Kooka and Dumbi types of sheep and Kamori, Bari, and Teddy types of goats. Among these, Thari cow is particularly notable for fast weight acquire.


Pakistani meat industry is very powerful. Pakistan export meat to other countries. Pakistani meat very famous all over the world. Pakistani meat very meaningful because pakistani meat very healthfully for everyone. In pakistani meat farming is very famous.whole pakistani found of meat. I hope you like my dairygame and meat shop photography.Allah HAFIZ for next post.

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You started your day very well and started the morning with your name in the morning and of course it is a great practice and then you went to a meat shop during the day and you did photography there. Bought some more meat etc. and then you made a picture of the meat which you shared with all your friends and you are doing a great job. Of course this is the best practice. Your post is very good and I like it very much. Am


Thanks bro for your appreciation 😊.


Thanks dear Aunty 😊.

Ma Sha Allah good post dear appreciated 🙂🙂


Thanks bro for your appreciation.