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Assalam.o.Alaikum my whole steemian friends I hope you will be fine by the grace of Allah. Today I get up early in the morning. Make ablution and go to mosque for prayer after prayer I recite holy Quran. After 1 hour I left the mosque. After prayer I decided to go on morning walk. Today morning very beautiful because cold wind was blowing. This was looking very charming scene. Birds flying with joy. Tree dancing with happiness. This is very incredible scene.After 1 hour I came back to home and take a breakfast.


In afternoon I go on meat shop for bought some meat. This shop near from my house. He is very honest man. Everyone trust on him. Meat very valuable for our health. Today I tell you about meat production and about meat industry of pakistan.lets startMeat is viewed as a significant supplement of human's existence to acquire energy. It accounts as a critical segment of the common eating routine in the globe and gives nutrients, minerals, protein, and fats, which are significant and beneficially affect the prosperity.


Commitment of Beef, Mutton, and Poultry Meat Production to the Agricultural Gross Domestic Product of Pakistan Using an Auto regressive Distributed Lag Bounds.
Meat is viewed as a significant supplement of human's existence to acquire energy. It accounts as a critical segment of the common eating routine in the globe and gives nutrients, minerals, protein, and fats, which are significant and beneficially affect the prosperity. The significant point of this article is to research and investigate the relationship between hamburger, lamb, poultry meat creation, and agrarian total national output in Pakistan.


An Augmented Dickey–Fuller unit root test was applied to check the factors' stationarity, while an autoregressive circulated slack (ARDL) limits testing way to deal with cointegration was utilized to examine the relationship among the investigation factors. Moreover, an anticipating strategy was utilized to extend the future creation of hamburger, lamb, and poultry meat in Pakistan. Study results exhibited the long-standing relationship in the midst of the factors.


Over the long haul investigation, the coefficient of hamburger creation showed a beneficial outcome on the agrarian GDP, while the coefficients of lamb creation and poultry meat creation showed a nonsignificant relationship with the rural GDP of Pakistan. By applying the ARDL limits testing way to deal with cointegration that inspects the relationship between farming GDP, hamburger, lamb, and poultry meat creation in Pakistan makes the current examination unmistakable.


Meat and meat items holds vital importance in gathering dietary necessities filling in as significant protein source and give fundamental nutrients and minerals. All around the world, customer request is expanding for sound, sterile and safe meat and meat items because of developing populace, pay level and food decisions. As, food decisions are predominantly affected by area, religion and monetary level.


In any case, religion is one of the central point to impact the food decisions. In this unique circumstance, halal food varieties a developing pattern, exchange assessed to cross USD $ 3 trillion and among this, meat area contribute about US$ 600 billion. Halal meat and associated items is necessity from Muslims yet it is additionally acknowledged by non-Muslims because of protected and clean nature, nutritious worth and unrivaled quality.


In Pakistan, the domesticated animals area including meat, lamb, and poultry industry has rich commitment and offer about half to the rural GDP (AGDP). It has immense offer in the farming area due to its overall inclusion and furthermore has a powerful part to diminish neediness. Also, it can fill quickly in the country, as all important commitments for the area are available in adequate numbers.


Pakistan meat industry is dynamic and has considered thorough to be during a decade ago as government likewise showed interest to help domesticated animals creation and preparing offices to meet expanding nearby and worldwide interest. The business can possibly become attributable to its regular creature raising ability, muslim larger part country (96% of all out populace), extemporization of market and purchaser inclination towards halal meat.


Meat is a consumable food that shows up available in the different structures. In the conventional economy, meat of newly butchered creatures are not refrigerated or handled and can be sold in garments, stripped, or cut nearby and on request ( The business meat creation and enhancement gives meat from certain native species, which might be a significant wellspring of food (Hoffman and Cawthorn, 2013). Meat rearing projects all throughout the planet are centered around choosing quickly developing and high creation yields; notwithstanding, there is proof that proceeded with determination of higher lean meat creation may unfavorably influence the nature of meat in different species .


I hope all friends take great benefits from my post. Meat industry very useful for pakistan.pakistan very good meat productive country. In pakistan most of people earn money from meat. Pakistan supply meat to other countries.Meat production main source of Pakistan. Pakistan economy depends on meat industry.

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Your post is very good and in it you bought meat etc. from the butcher shop and it is very good and you have prepared the post well and you