The feast on behalf of a friend.


Hi Friends,

Everywhere in the world people give each other a treat, and in Islamic religion, it is very much an act of worship because of giving love to each other, and all the same things are done in Islam,


A very dear friend of mine favored the feast for us and when we reached there on time, we saw that he had made a lot of things with love, all the things which you are seeing in the pictures are very tasty and delicious.


We first waited for all the friends to come, when all the friends came, we started eating with the permission of the host. First we tasted salad, which was made from fresh fruit.


The curry was made of about 2 varieties, the rotis were also fresh and he had ordered tin packs instead of the bottle and finally the kheer was offered, which is my favorite thing.


Surely we were very happy and the food was very tasty, we ate and thanked him and finally we prayed for him that Allah Taala should increase his wealth.


It is a Sunnah for friends to feast on each other to create love among themselves and it is very important for us as Muslims, we must give a feast to each other. If we act on this, brotherhood and harmony will be born in the society.





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Ur post is amazing
And as you say that we should follow sunnah and feast is among one of the forms of sunns

Sir your post has been made very awesome post you have had a very nice party and all your pictures have been made very nice pictures I have liked your post very much


Thank you very much for this.