A positive track for a sunny saturday afternoon

2개월 전

Hi there boys and gals!
Today a easy going track from the Drum & Bass department:

EZ Rollers - Retro

I assume one or the other may think this sounds familiar...?

No wonder - it is the menu soundtrack in the 1998 racing game TOCA 2. Which was really a bomb among the racing games at the time. I can't tell how many hours I have driven races with that.

And this soundtrack was a really cool piece of music, too. D&B was pretty big at the time, but rarely used as a soundtrack for anything.

Hope you enjoy this little uplifter. And remember - True rebels walk alone anyway. :)


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oh I love those sounds, reminds me my youth years when I loved atmospheric dnb. I am going to listen to some LTJ Bukem before sleep tonight :) great memories. thanks for this post man !