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Doesn't really matter if you are looking for a positive mood improvement, escape from daily routines or just "songs", we would like to sincerely welcome you all in our musical safe place on the Steem Blockchain. A carefully crafted place where we are always trying to share with you, subjectively, the most ass-kicking stuff you deserve to get.

Luckily, having this narcissistic introduction behind us, lets point our eyes and ears on the topic of the evening, which is no one else than




For those who follow us, this pick up can be at the same time quite obvious and surprising. Why obvious? It is not the first time when you can read about Pinkman label honcho, one of the most interesting selectors and visionaries, recognized by his third ear for the futuristic sounds of the next age. One man army responsible for years of fighting for truly emotional party music, promoting dozens of artists, launching and hosting hundreds of gigs or radio shows and inspiring thousands of people with the melodies from the another galactic.

So why surprising? Staying in the distance from the biggest festivals, Marsman can be often found spinning jaw-dropping EBM, acid, cosmo, italo and techno in the most important underground clubs around the world including Berghain, Tresor, Griessmuehle, Fold, BAR. Both, described locations and sounds, might suggest that this guy suppose to appear more on #technofriday than #discotuesday but there is nothing more false to think! As befits a great artist, Marsman's DJ skills and selection is wider than equator and as a proof, you have a great opportunity to be pleased by his unique Italo Disco Set.

Marsman Live @ Blijdorp Festival 10.08.2019

Commonly known, sharing Boiler Rooms or similar performances, without any additional tracks, hints, links or musical advices, are considered by Raving Foxes as a bit of cheating, but honestly it is hard to point any other set with so many happy faces all the time. We can almost grasp this positive vibe and adapt it to our home environment.

In fact, we are going to launch a contest : 1 STEEM for a person who will share quality disco set with a bigger amount of constantly smiling people. Happy crowd is what we want to see in the comment section ! Reward is waiting.

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Another top notch value post - thx mate

Great one - pinned to Music community

  ·  작년

Raving Foxes are grateful :) Thanks

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