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Welcome to our #technofriday series, where we are trying to provide you the hottest news, gossips, bios, selected tracks and the most important information from world of techno. Unfortunately, another raveless Friday just approach on the horizon. It is a rough time for us but where is a will, there is a way. With a massive support of huge number of artists doing absolutely amazing job right now, we can let our inner monkeys to get wild for a long time. Let me invite you for a Quarantine Bedroom Rave with the newest release from




Young Belgium Sam Deliaert known as Farrago is rather considered as a fresh face in techno, but obviously with past and experience. Searching for his debut on 12" vinyl, we have to go back to the year 2012. It was 18th December, early winter with cold and short days behind the windows, when young Sam appeared for the first time on the wax, known as Gaust those days. His first track called Vacant Depth (Intro) was a great emotional electronic opening for this limited edition EP, as well as his own unlimited carrier. Next year brought new name and new release. Talbot Wood - Dream Sequence EP, considered as a solid dose of quality tech-house and dub-techno opened few doors and let him play multiple lives and dj sets across Europe throughout 2013-2014. And then the real Farrago was born.

Farrago - Fall to Ruin [LENSKE011]

Changing the name was motivated by the meaning of the word itself. Farrago can be loosely translated as "troublesome mixture" or literally as 'a perplexing mixture'. It is the alignment and legacy of his past, combined with new experiences, ideas, inspirations and latest developments. Behind those words we can find three long years devoted to shaping the style resulted in the distinguished release Weight Of The Land EP, together with techno queen Amelie Lens, through the Berlin based legendary label Arts on 14th July 2017. And then the real breakthrough was born.

Farrago - Kidney Shot [LENSKE011]

Summer was as hot as the dj sets and liveacts he played that time, like hell. Attention was growing, Arts requested for two more EPs and Amelie Lens officially invited him into her family, including label LENSKE and brand EXHALE . After a long and bumpy road, Farrago finally became a first division player, releasing approx two or three vinyls per year, including highly acclaimed remixes and collaborations. In his portfolio we can find seven high quality EPs, including the newest one, released exactly two weeks ago 3rd April 2020

Farrago - Flavours Of Youth [LENSKE011]

Kidney Shot EP cataloged as [Lenske011] is a great example of proper use of quarantine time. Endlessly reverberating, distinctive melodies are driving us to the hallucinating point where they are deemed tangible, driven by the resonating sound of a classic 4x4, bass stompers and old trance sounds. Greatly referenced to his previous release NEONTRANCE [LENSKE006], Farrago seems to continue his journey into a perfect marriage between body and soul received by blessing sounds of big hall retrospective techno. Together with Kidney Shot EP, we can buy the remix package with 70 .wav sample files from this EP!

Farrago - Vizio [Lenske011]

During these hard and dead days of quarantine, I finally understood how how much the cultural sphere was undervalued before. It seems that we never really appreciate anything until the moment we lost it. Then we realize how much we miss it. How much we loved it. How much we need it. Honestly I would do a lot to go back in time to 19.10.2019, when Raving Foxes team had pleasure to listen Farrago live @ 24H EXHALE AWAKENINGS AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT. Below you can watch my short footage from this unforgettable experience.

Farrago @ 24H EXHALE, Awakenings ADE 19.10.2019

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