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Welcome in our #technofriday, where more or less each week we are providing you news, bios, portfolios and tracklists from the big, wide world of techno. Followed by the hive community musical taste in abstract techno, high attention of my previous episode and conversation with @iamevilradio, we decided to continue the topic started a week ago and reveal more of




Luca "Lucy" Mortellaro, Capo dei capi of Sicilian Techno music, one of the genre’s most original and exciting artists. Born and raised on the Mediterranean pearl, currently living nowhere else than Berlin, from where he is managing his globaly respected label Stroboscopic Artefacts, recently celebrating its 10th birthday. His story begins with spinning killer gigs and educating people across the Italy. It was a time of shaping his musical vision, flourished by loud debut EP called Open House, released in 2007 by Qoki Records. Highly acclaimed vinyl immediately drew the attention of clubbing society as well as renowned artists, including James Holden, helping to rise and shine more and better than others. Constantly searching for innovative sounds, Lucy's productions and live performances are often compared with abstract techno because of the unique aesthetic, approach to the sounds and exploring landscapes way beyond boarders of classic techno hammers, serving vibe that is simultaneously energetic and gliding. Lucy can be called a true sonic adventurer of our times. Setting his start points in the places where most of musicians and electronic producers has reached their maximum, Lucy has evolved his distinct sound signature by tangling mechanism with the esoteric and harmonizing technology with biology. He has gained worldwide recognition for his rare ability to reach the audience by pushing them out of their comfort zone. During his more than fifteen years as a DJ, more than thirteen as producer and more than ten as label manager, Lucy has build up an impressive collection of remixes, collaborations, tracks, EPs and long play albums for himself as well as for other people involved into Stroboscopic Artefacts. Below I would like to represent a carefully picked selection of collaborations, remixes and solo productions released through the years of activity in underground between 2007 and 2020.


Lucy - Slaves' March [BLPGRN004]

Lucy - Dissonance Emancipation [SACD007]

Lucy - The Illusion Of Choice (Donato Dozzy Remix) [SA021]

Lucy - Samsara [SALP004]

Lucy – Rema Rema Canoero [SA5YEARS05]

Lucy - The Goat God [SA10YEARSLP]


Gui Boratto - Tipologia (Lucy remix) [PARQUET005-6]

Caterina Barbieri - Virgo Rebellion (Lucy Remix) [SA10YEARSEP]

Dadub - Death (Lucy Remix) [SA016]


Lucy & Ercolino - Gmork (Luke Slater Remix) [SA004]

Lucy & Klock - War Lullaby [SA024]

Lucy & Silent Servant - Victors History [MOTE034]

Lucy & Rrose (Lotus Eater) - Eat Eat Eat [SACD010]

Lucy & Rrose (Lotus Eater) - Peeling [SA028]

This carefully selected playlist consists subjectively the best tracks from Luca "Lucy" Mortellaro. We don't have to sleep with Sherlock Holmes to know and understand that between more than 40 EPs, 4 LPs and hundreds of guest appearances you can easily point something absolutely stunning and way beyond our selection. If you can do it and leave a comment with awesome track from Lucy and explanation why you like it so much, we will reward three best authors with 1 STEEM! If you will have no clue what you can do with your 1 STEEM, you can spend it on his newest track released on the very special 56 track charity compilation project which you can check here.

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