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It is already few minutes after 12.00 o'clock Friday 29.05.2020 and we would like to welcome all of you in the newest blockchain Techno News episode. Sonical time-travelling into the future is quite common on this blog, so most of our regular readers shouldn't be surprise that your favorite raving foxes decided to physically jump into the future to bring you stuff as hot as your first double dose of Viagra. Crossing the irreversible line and jumping into wormhole, we didn't know what to expect at the other side and how our actions could affect the whole universe or even multiversum. What we've met there, overwhelmed even our most radical expectations and instead of juicy journalism we have committed a crime and stole almost one and half hour of pounding madness announced to be released on 1st June 2020. Exclusively for our musical blockchain community, whole weekend before official debut, first Long Play Album Compilation from R-Label Group called:



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R-Label Group home of Techno inspired musicians, designers and multimedia artists utilizing the "R" sound and aesthetic.

R-Label Group, founded in 2013 by, considered as one of techno’s fastest rising stars, Kobosil. Born and raised in the working class district of Berlin Neukölln, since the youngest years was shaped and curated by most influential Berghain & Ostgut Ton. Via his label, Kobosil is trying to push his own vision of deep, fast, energetic and even aggressive sounds of techno, EBM and industrial. Staying faithful in labels motto and musical aesthetic vision, R-Label Group focused on fresh and underrated artists like Rikhter, Parallx, Somewhen, HN42 or New Frames, which already have built labels discography up to 20 coherent positions, including newest collaboration long play project.

This massive reckless techno ravage was announced 27th May 2020 with straight policy that every customer is entitled to order only one copy. Limited access didn't affect anything and R-Label Group finished their first day of preorder with SOLD OUT! Energy imprinted and locked on those three vinyls cataloged as [RC1] will definitely burn many dancefloors in the first minutes straight after the end of lockdown. Fancy to let your inner monkey to get wild with German Male Vocals? Check energetic Somewhen - Ruined or more pounding New Frames - Staud. Your monkey is asking for rave vibes? Send her for sudden death with DIMI - Interconnected Lines or Afem Syko - Like Soldiers. Melodic bangers? Rikhter - Kryptos or Wallis - Hard Definition. What thrills the most? That rather unknown names completely owned this LP, pushing first division devils like Dax J or Kobosil somewhere back to the shadow. Foxes cannot wait till the end of lockdown and first possibility to reborn on the dirty dancefloor, praising our free spirits under speakers pounding [RC1] rollers one after another. Shivers...


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