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Welcome in the newest #technofriday, underground techno news provider. While lockdown keeps us away from raving all around the world, world of art evolved and adapted to this situation surprisingly good. Watching the new wave of art promotion, it is nice to see still new internet & art use cases, eg virtual museum tours or online techno festivals. DJs are hosting their streams already on the daily basis, day after day next lockdown home mixes are reaching one million views on YouTube and most of the producers are serving the harvests of their lives right now, producing and releasing tons of new stuff. One of them is Mark Hill aka a name I can't pronounce aka




Under mysterious artistic name is hidden not less mysterious personality. Canadian experimental industrial techno producer with only two releases noticed by Discogs and actually few times more in his portfolio. Mentioned albums were both imprinted by visionary Pinkman label, known from its third ear for the futuristic sounds of upcoming eras. He made his debut with mini-album released on 17th September 2017. Limited edition of 70 professionally dubbed cassettes vanished quickly and forced releasing digital version. For the first appearance on wax TYVYT|IYTYI had to wait until 23rd April 2019, when together with five other absolutely mad artists he showed his own interpretation of the Pinkman labels ill-famed sounds and corrosive beats, distorted by nerve-scatter melodies. Album called Five Years of Tears Vol. 2 was released as a part of celebration label's 5th birthday anniversary and was taken as a serious project, so highest form of respect for the artists and music imprinted on the wax.

TYVYT|IYTYI - Never Here Before [PNKMN5Y2]

During the corona virus outbreak, March 30th 2020 TYVYT|IYTYI spoken again, this time with Tape Five, an album full of twisted acids, cosmic robot harsh-funk, nucleo-ebm slow-techno hammers released on limited edition white cassette tape and digital for those who won't be able to catch physic. Make sure to buckle up before play.

With 30th April 2020 TYVYT|IYTYI strike again, nowhere else than to good old Pinkman, honored to launch completely new project called Pinkman Digi Lab, focused stricly on digital releases only. Announced as a series of a monthly dose of experimental electronic albums, which is going to be provide for listeners in "name your price" form, which literally means that files will be ready to download for a price decided by listeners. For this debut TYVYT|IYTYI came up with Untouchable LP, seventeen strange energy-fueled dark wave electronics. A real cinematic sound journey for those who are brave enough to reach it. Whole album is available to stream and buy online in the link below.



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