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Welcome in the newest episode of #technofriday, which actually should have been published a week before, but at the last moment The Grand Management aka Me, decided to wait a bit. It is a duty of a true reporter to create something more than just a dry text - an honest material from the middle, heart of the battlefield, epicenter of the war, mellodic techno blast caused by




Looking at her, it is impossible to deny sentence The American Dream Comes True, you can be successful person and be whoever you want to be. Emma Olson, an open-minded women, an artist, feminist activist, discwoman and designer of melodic soundscapes ranging from ambients, through electro & acid, to the dark techno is a perfect example. Focusing completely on music, she decided to quit her regular job in 2015, a year after establishing rapidly expanding collective/booking agency Discwoman and year before her Berghain's debut. In the meantime there were few moments to drop three EPs and also three long play albums, including Symbolic Use Of Light LP on the sister label of the legendary Ninja Tune, label named Technicolor.

UMFANG - Weight [TCLR024]

In last few years we could see and listen UMFANG spinning the records and smashing dancefloors all around the world, showing her skills and selection in the clubs and festivals on every continent. Lucky for us, last week she arrived to our city to tore apart our favorite bunker. After listening to her amazing Boiler Room set, we knew that when this kind of gun is in town, our duty is blast. Educated in the whole theoretical knowledge from her bandcamp and soundcloud, as well as BR set, we naively thought that we are prepared. Nothing more false ! It was the last time when we've underrated artist so much, thinking that we're ready ! It was a gig of decade, with people screaming and dancing literally everywhere, including walls and tables.

UMFANG | Boiler Room Sydney | DJ Set

In the minute when we touched dancefloor, we've completely lost sharpness of mind, which on the door was still focused on capturing the greatest material for Steemians. We didn't even record a one short vid of this gig but while raving behind DJ booth we had opportunity to snap two quick shots of the madness for you, as well as sniff something waaaay much more valuable - HUGE NEWS !


UMFANG is going to release her newest, fourth LP named RIVEN on upcoming Tuesday 10th March, nowhere else than via her own debuting label Thanks For Enlightening Me. Undisputedly a milestone in her carrier, as well as the whole techno business. Long Play album will include eight tracks. My shazaam went completely loco during her set and couldn't detect almost anything from the bangers played by her, which can only be a hint for you, my fellows, that this album will be really massive!


Glass Escalator
2 Body Beat
Baby Blue
Floating Pieces Attract


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  ·  작년

Pleasure of readers and listeners is the ultimate goal of this blog !

This is an excellent piece of sound - never heard but love it! Resteemed

  ·  작년

Umfang is a perfect example of exploring musical edges, showing us how far we can go, while still talking about techno. Definitely not ordinary sounds.
I'm glad to know that you enjoy it :)

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