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It is easy to see that in the contemporary, capitalist world, art is very often marginalized. Pushed aside, undervalued. It's difficult to find a little time during the day to admire the beauty and hard work of the craftsmen behind it. What does it look like now, in the times of lock down? Step back, take look at yourself and ask a question: what would I do now without art, music, movies, books, poems, paintings? And one more, perhaps even more important: what will I do with all this new art, which is bringing to life right now and which is only waiting for the end of corona crisis? Artists are not wasting their time, especially dinosaurs like




During the peak moment of corona crisis in Europe, March 2020, The Dutch classic and the greatest pride, Jochem George Paap aka Speedy J has reunited with Sicilian mastermind Luca Lucy Mortellaro, giving life to a new, beautiful 10" transparent vinyl called Seventeen Zero Four, a three-tracker EP descending deep into the filthy bottom of the unknown. Once every two or three years they join forces to explore together roots and new limits of impossible landscapes beyond the borders of techno. Based on this principle, behind theZeitgeber project we can find 1 LP and 4 EPs full of the most forward-thinking, floor-ready techno oddballs. Since their first imprint dated back to 2013, open-minding concept of deep water abstract techno music represented by the Lucy Stroboscopic Artefacts label seemed to be a perfect platform to promote their common vision. Abstract futuristic spaces, anxiety, freedom and limitation, darkness and power.

Zeitgeber is a German word that, loosely translated, means synchronizer.

Zeitgeber - One Zero Five [SATOTEM007]

Since September 2009 and the first record from Berlin based Stroboscopic Artefacts, for more than ten years, label has been consistently unparalleled in its ambition and vision. By exploring new spheres in techno and providing sounds that never existed, label refused to perpetuate the established dichotomies of electronic music - between club and home, between dance and experiment, between the past and the future. Exciting approach of Lucy and artists related with her label: Alessandro Adriani, Efdemin, James Ruskin, Rrose, Kangding Ray, Xhin, Luke Slater determines that the boundaries of techno are often just results of limited imagination. Distinct, esoteric sound signature evolved around Stroboscopic Artefacts and Lucy became globally acclaimed, thanks to the rare ability of reaching the audience by pushing them out of their comfort zone.

Zeitgeber - Seventeen Zero Four [SATOTEM007]

It is hard to find something which wasn't already said and written about Speedy J, considered to be one of the first Benelux techno producers. Since the early nineties, Jochem George Paap was one of the first who define the shapes of techno. Releasing tens of EPs and albums on legendary labels like Novamute, Plus 8, Warp and his own Beam Me Up! quickly placed him between legends like Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin and gave opportunity for further explorations. In proportion to the growing interest for techno music in late nineties, Speedy J decided to search for other exciting musical areas. It was also the time of receiving positive feedback for his work from IDM kings like Autechre or Mike Paradinas. Speedy J for decades has been continuously experimenting and pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music as well as definitions of DJing and live performance. Still quite often he can be found playing 6 Decks All Night Long Set for few thousands ravers. Beside of his own never-ending artistic activity, Jochem George Paap is a founder of Electric Deluxe label, which, since 2008, gather producers faithful to the vision of creative freedom at the highest level of innovation and quality.

Zeitgeber - Double Down [SA10YEARSLP]


While coronavirus is taking its bloody harvest outside, clubs are shuttled down and partying is prohibited, with the obvious support for #stayathome both artists decided to please their fans locked down all around the world and livestream from their home-towns.

Speedy J Quarantine DJ Set (14.03.2020)

Lucy Quarantine DJ Set (27.03.2020)

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