Dance Weekend from the legendary OMEN club in Frankfurt

2년 전

The best Techno / Trance location of Germany

A flashback into history to the best ever club for our loved electronic dance music created and driven by Sven Väth - this was the best time of my life going to Frankfurt for Omen as well as another fab club at the airport which is worth a separate post. Some of the great tracks we partied to there are included in this Techno Friday post.

About the Omen

So this club was founded back in 1988 in Frankfurt am Main by Sven Väth, Michael Münzing and Matthias Martinsohn and is considered as the place where German techno was more or less born and after it's opening in 1988 the club became very popular and a center of the global techno scene. All the big names played there. The club was closed often as of the usual drug problems that was always linked to this kind of music but re-opened. However it did not survive until now and on October 19, 1998, the Omen closed its doors forever.

The last track played at Omen was "The Day After" from "Astral Pilot" - check the tunes here:

Three closing parties were held in the last week. A sad day for the Techno community in Germany. For many, lime me, the Omen was a second home. Weekday school or work and at weekends Omen Frankfurt - that was the usual party program. In order to remember every year there is the so-called Omen Memorial Day (OMD) - was celebrated until 2004 at least. The founders created other clubs later like Cocoon Club and U60311.

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