Miley Cyrus - "Magnum ice cream presents: Miley in Layers" - Music Video

2개월 전

Powered by Magnum ice cream, for the first time ever, Miley Cyrus performs a very special virtual concert mastered in 8D sound to show the world that Pleasure Has More Than One Layer. The Miley In Layers performance will see the Multi-Platinum selling recording artist, songwriter and trailblazer play some of her biggest hits from her recent album ‘Plastic Hearts’ as well as an exclusive cover of 80’s hit ‘Midas Touch’ by Midnight Star re-mastered as Miley’s Touch.

The performance mastered in the immersive 8D sound technology creates the sensation that Miley is live in the room with you, when played through a set of headphones. Grab your headphones for the full experience!
If you want to continue the experience and lip sync to "Miley's Touch” go to and check for behind the scenes.

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