Get tips and advice for steemit newbies here

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The main things needed to keep the newbies around is motivation, encouragement and support. Every cent counts. The contest I came up with a few days ago just ended, and my joy was that I got the information needed to help the newbies, and potential steemian.

I got 10 participants. The number is small compared to the last contest figure, however, the contents posted is packed with tips that would help newbies on steem.

Check out the posts I recommend

If you want to educate any new steemian on how to survive on the blockchain, refer them to any of these posts below.

I say a warm thank you to all participants for giving tips for newbies consumption.

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I can totally relate with the line "every cent counts". I am a YouTuber and it was not until I got monetized that I understood the language of cents.
Thanks, very encouraging.

@beautychicks thanks for your suggestions but can't you direct help them by donating some power.It will encourage the newbies more I think


Just thought I could give a word on your above suggestion, I feel like this would be practically impossible giuven the number of steemians targeted for being on-boarder, say 1000 newbies that would mean alot of her power going out. A better scheme would be delegating tiny amounts just for the RC thing but am sure there's a party doing this already. Opinion thou.