Introduction Post


Hello mighty Steemers team. I am Colani Dlamini from South Africa and am so excited to be part of such a marvelous community. With the great help from @greyjay265 for his referral am so grateful.

I am professional high school educator specialising with Physical Sciences and IT applications in day activities. I spend the rest on the hours of my days learning all new information while pursuing a master of science (computer science) degree in the North West university, Mmabatho campus. As newbie in the platform am still trying to show myself arouind learn while interacting with the members.

Once again, am so happy to be here

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Hello @jalblack welcome to steem. This a platform where you can earn by simply posting your passion. Do well to take a look at the new comers community and feel free to jump into the diary game courtesy of @steemitblog. Follow the official account for updates.


@nattybongo Thanks for the warm welcome man. I really appreciate