A Digest Post For The Theme – A BETTER LIFE WITH STEEM

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Welcome to another digest in this month of october. This is the first digest in this month and in another 3 days am going to be giving another digest.

I dont really know, but re-reading @steemitblog update on the betterlife with steem, it sounds like this

A Better Life with Steem

This is not a game or a challenge, but rather an invitation to tell us about the positive things you are doing to improve your own life, your family's, your community and the planet.@steemitblog

So, i think if you wish for your post to be in the digest, you have to make it with the theme title "a better life with steem" every other contest will be compiled by its initiator/host. I believe its best like this for better clarity and visibility

So this are the 10 ten post with the theme – A BETTER LIFE WITH STEEM
@edgarlygonzalezUna vida mejor con steem: Preparando un dulce con frutas de mi cosecha.
@yurilayaUna vida mejor con Steem : Mi Planta de Caraotas!
@abbas01(A better life with steem) (grow your own) (Raising domestic animals)
@anggreklestariPhotography Contest - A Better Life With Steem - Grow Your Own: Cara Mudah Memperbanyak Daun Mint
@daanielaa"A Better Life with Steem" - Cosechando para la comunidad.
@nahidhasan23A Better Life with Steem - Grow Your Own - Growing Fishes in Pond
@elpastor'A Better Life With Steem': The Diary Game - la temporada 3 "Mi huerto productivo, cosechando berenjena" (Mi día #4) 01 Octubre

I love your efforts guys, keep posting good contents and remember to use the right headings and tags. Good luck!!!


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Thank you so much for add my post to your digest. We hope the better life with Steem.

Keep consistent.
Regards from Indonesia



Thank you ma, continue to post good content with the correct theme title and correct tag i will definitely see it, then be rest assured it going to find a space in my digest.
Thank you

Thanks for this @lovveday. Keep it up


Thank you very much ma. RESPECT!