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Welcome to my diary!


dear diary,
With the effect of the big news i got yesterday. I woke up early today, we did our morning prayer and i did my chores as immediately as possible because i dont want my mom to shout because of me as i know many thoughts are flowing through her mind now.

I kept everything that I had to do intact so she don't get a chance to talk. I took my phone to check my game if my guild mates have summoned the monster from guild bash. Luckily for me, they haven't.

I asked for the time the monster will be summoned but they couldn't decide before my mom called me to start my work .

They just restored the lights and I am still unaware of the time for the summon. I kept my phone to charge close to me so I can login again to ask, but when she caught me. She started complaining and I just wear my ear phone with loud music on because I don't want to listen to her complain.

Even with the music on, I could still hear the complain in my mind and repented of my action( pressing phone while sewing) she hates it.

Because of the pressure that school is going to resume next week and the debt she is going to pay next month, she complain at every slight misconduct and sometimes, it touches me. But I will do my best to help her

My adventure is about to start, this is the time where I go places and meet people, I made some friends who are way senior to me, and some who will want to see me in their school frequently.

Not that I can teach, but they like my company, attitude and the way I help my mom. With all this things I still complain about being the first on any errand list. It exhausting you know!.

I ate lunch maybe by 2:45pm in the afternoon and the intensity of the work reduced as we were using the joke of "let the food digest" that's a joke for lazy people my mom said. But all the same we continued the work till evening like around 5pm.

I was making a graduation gown that I did not finish before the covid19 lockdown. But I finished all today and am happy about that. It means progress! Tomorrow will be another cloth.

My mom told me she wants to expand the poultry because the birds were raising their feathers which means they are hot. I said OK. And we started. The rain was falling I could not borrow a sharp saw, so I used the saw we have.

It not that sharp but it can cut with extra time though. I made the cuts👷 and we made the arrangement. See the length we are adding to the poultry🐤🐤

the length of addition

That length will be enough for them in the mean times as we expect them to grow bigger, and attract bigger figures🤑.

We starved the birds from water since 3pm so that we can administer gumboro later in the evening. We gave them the gumboro and the drank every bit of it because of thirst

So were still sleeping while others were drinking so we used injection to put in their mouth because they refused to drink.

I almost dropped my phone today because of one bird that refused to take vaccine and was using me to run as I tried to catch him. I have learnt a lesson there😏.

Well it time to go and I promise to catch you up tomorrow. Good night

For more information about me see my this is me post

I belong to @team5-nigeria and see our introduction post HERE

Thanks for reading through.

@lovveday from benin city, nigeria

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