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this is the first time am making a diary post after the end of season 2

Welcome to my diary.

Dear diary,
Today was going to be a busy day for me, I exclaimed when my mom woke me up by 7:00am and told me that I should not make use of my phone throughout today. She say the phone divides my attention from work, it true sha.

The poultry was smelling because we have not removed the waste and it was a concern, most especially when a customer walks in the smell is strong enough to make them uncomfortable.

Me and my mom went there and pounder about the necessary action to take, as we believed my dad who normally comes to take the waste away will not come this time. But just 1 trial and he said he was going to come, but I am sure it not because of the poultry waste but to guy some stuff.

Few mins later after calling my dad, we walked pass our banana tree and it caught my moms attention. The size of the bananas were overwhelming. The biggest so far. I harvested it and because I wanted to make a post out of it, I had to carry the full bunch for you.

Location:8JGP+HJ Benin city
Trying to liftup the banana

Am a superman: me carrying the banana

After all that moment my work started. First I took my bath and ate breakfast. After 5minutes I climbed my machine and began my work. It was so tiring as the sun was shining, the room was hot.

When the whether is like this, we put on the generator to calm the hot temperature. Today was no different. Fan or no fan, the heat also exist within us.

Me sewing a trouser.

I had told my brother to snap me a picture while I was sewing and he did not even alert me he was going to snap me, I would have made a pose.

I sat on the machine all day, I only got up when I want to pee or see the birds. My mom has no worker yet so we are her worker and if we don't work hard she might not get any work to do to take care of our school expenses.

Don't ask after my father, he is doing the one he can, but the women always seems to carry the greater burden. I don't know why but that's the situation in my environment.

I got up from the machine by 5pm. And my game I normally play(lords mobile) was stolen from me when I tried to sell it. I want to buy some school ware but unfortunately I was robbed. I didn't cry, but was sad. I don't play the game anymore as I can't rebuild another castle.

The first castle took me a year and half to build to that level, I can't repeat the journey over again.

What surprised me most was that, the scammer sent me a good review of his middle man, up to 20 testimony on picture but after all it still a scam. Uptill now, they have not read my message.

Let me attend to another thing friends see you later

am sorry for not making a digest post since long, the truth is that i could not stay online for ling out of network fustrating. But am in town now and i promise to make a digest post tomorrow. Take care and stay safe.

For more information about me see my this is me post

I belong to @team5-nigeria and see our introduction post HERE

all pictures in this post are mine.

Thanks for reading through.

@lovveday from benin city, Nigeria

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