The great benin kingdom


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I live in a city named Benin city. Today, am going to tell you some thing you probably don't know about Benin city.

In Nigeria, there are several tribes, but the three main tribe form what is called WAZOBIA.
WA – YORUBA meaning COME
ZO – HAUSA meaning COME
BIA – IGBO meaning COME

The benins are not recognized as one of the three main tribe in Nigeria. however, they managed to build a big empire called the Benin empire.

Back in history, foreigners never come to Nigeria without visiting the Benin kingdom. One reason for that is because of the craftyness and artistic endowments of the Benin kingdom. It worth the tourism.

Also back in history, we were told today that most of the artwork made by the benins were stolen or forcefully collected from them by foreigners and today, we can see them at some tourist centers in the foreign lands.


the oba of benin and his convoy

The Benin kingdom has an OBA, meaning RULER. The present OBA of the Benin kingdom is called OBA Ewuare II, he was born on October 20, 1953 and was crowned the Oba of Benin on 20 October 2016.
He is the 40th Oba, yes! Others have ruled before him which means the title has been in existence since a long time.

The benin kingdom are known for its ivory and wood carvers. Even Its brass smiths and bronze casters excelled at making naturalistic heads, bas-reliefs, and other sculptures. I don't even know.
Example of the structure they made that I am aware of:




The Benin traditional food.

The Benin traditional food is POUNDED YAM and EGUSI SOUP.


pounded yam and egusi soup

I love the food alot, when you eat the ones cooked specially for occasions, it very delicious because they will use all type of fish and ingredients that you might not conventionally buy to prepare it.

I will not leave without mentioning the most famous festival in the Benin kingdom.

The Igue festival is the most popular of all the festivals in the Benin kingdom, where the Oba of benin celebrates the history and culture of the Benin people and bless the land and the people. It is mostly celebrated at a time between the period of Christmas and New Year

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