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This is a post I did some 5 months ago regarding my intentions to have a charity mov't fully funded by my earnings from the steem earnings.

For some clear reasons, the dream did not live long to see it's nostrils working but mostly worsened by the current wave of the scary pandemic, it's dead, chances of resurrection are there now that am typing this from the shade of a Sabbath day.

Five months ago, a lot has happened; I did graduate from my Fullstack bootcamp now actually looking for gigs/jobs to help officially kickstart the journey.

I'd love to get your words on the below topic, months ago wasn't sure I'd wish to revisit it.

SO yeah, it's more of a repost on my previous blog.

Is it true that if we keep dreaming the reality will propose to us?

Am going to keep this post short and much precise, you know, not at all time a thing to do with money brings a need to read tooooo much lines of words.

To start with, sometimes 2 years ago we came together with a group of friends and decided to start a group that would focus on making charity visits to mostly facilities having tough times in maintaining the running of their services, Children homes. This problem saw the birth of QUEENS OF LOVE mainly tasked with organizing visits after every 3 months to Homes that we felt needed us at that particular timing.

You must have come across my plea for forms of aid in the past on a crowdfund when I was trying to break into tech, one amazing local leading bootcamps in the tech ecosystem did offer me a chance to study and as we talk, my INDENTATION SKILLS are at a goof level and soon you'll be seeing my Django skills in practice as I build web applications for org I believes are doing a thing for the society.

Back to the main topic, below is a poster from a random visit we made sometimes back last year.

So here is my idea, what if I plugged myself firmly into the vlog & blog fields with aims to fund the visits with my steem earnings seeing that the group scattered as a result of failure to raise funds over and over again. To make juicer, what do you think of a strategy to bring Steem in as a Sponsor of the group along introducing people to the concept at large? Would it have a good uptake or how better could it be done?



Would it be possible to handle it all as a Steem CSR activity while giving a fair intro and onboarding activity to the many Kenyans whom we all got a thing with vlogs but for some reasons only a small number seems to exist here?



For that sake am going to tag a few people in a random way maybe but mostly I have seen one person leading the structure to have Steem marketing making big rounds on twitter, so allow me to: "Hey @theycallmedan, would you strike a deal if I structured a thing on steem onboarding geared towards preaching steem as well as doing the above wholesome task of reviving a charity group?"
"Hey @achimmertens, I last saw your deeds over the charity way. Do you have a minute and a plan to spread support across on the same?

"Hey , I last saw you doing a big thing with crypto (Steem) sometimes back then, would you mind sharing a point or two and best way to tackle the same?"

You can have a look at my most recent post just to keep you up to date on my steemit journey as I struggle to take up from where I left on key consistent factors. Do have a watch and remember to subscribe and upvote and I'll appreciate the support

Lastly and not the least, I have seen some amazing support here on steem from the below fine accounts and allow me to politely request for your hands into my journey.
Not to sound like vote begging which has ain't a thing within the community, @kpine @buildawhale @delso @vortac @davidburke @modernpastor do you have a timeline I could follow along if I were to get support from your accounts on the above journey? I'd never fall short of thanking you if you comes along my this post and my blog at large and show support and that is if I meets your minimum viable requirements. We can work on a thing, right? Let me know

All images used in this context are my original property, art & poster.

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