Ghosts In The Woods


Mike lived almost his whole life believing in the non-existence of ghosts. Well, maybe because of how he was raised up, he believed that there is nothing more to life than just "physicals". In his words "whatever cannot be backed by science is non-existent". He held this belief until the eve of the Christmas of the year 2000. A particular incidence happened that changed his perception of life forever.

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On that fateful evening, after hanging out with friends and having a few bottles of beers, he set out for home. He was already feeling a bit tipsy and it was almost about to drizzle, so he decided to take the shorter route to his home before the drizzle will turn to heavy downpour. The particular route he chose was an abandoned undulating track by the locals because of a reported incidence of sighting nonhuman figures along the track.

Well, Mike, as fearless as he was, decided to follow the same track regardless of the giant noticeboard that suggested otherwise. As he proceeded through the track inside the woods, it was so peaceful but at the mid-journey, he heard a bizarre and unusual sound. At first, the sound did not make much meaning to him but when the sound came again, he was startled.

The sound came with a very distinctive human tone but what was weird is that the language was not anything ever heard by Mike before. He thought, why would someone be in the words by this time of the night? Well, he went on. At this point, the sound became a chant and it increased as if there was a market transaction going on inside the woods. However, there was no sign of light, neither was there any movement inside the woods - so where was the sound coming from?

At this point, shock gripped Mike and the effect of the beer had worn off immediately. He was so startled that his legs could barely carry his body weight. He was already halfway through the woods, so the only option left for him was to proceed quickly and to increase his pace.

When he was almost out of the woods with the joy of "I made it though", the noise came again and he could trace the direction of the noise. He flashed his torch towards the direction and what he saw changed his belief forever. He saw a group of humans (if he should call them humans) but without any distinctive facial feature, just as smooth and flat as a plain surface - neither mouth, nose, ears nor eyes.

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Now the question that has remained unanswered in Mike's mind is; "how were the creatures able to speak without mouth, see without eyes and survive without a nose?". Even though Mike has not fully understood what happened that night, he now believes in the existence of supernaturals.

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Thanks that wounderful story


Thanks a lot

It's always better to be safe than sorry. Mike made a very poor choice regardless of the fact that he did not believe in the supernatural. First and foremost it was an undulating track, which was quite risky to navigate let alone drunk at the same it.

He also should have heeded to the gargantuan notice board warning him of the adverse dangers he could face along the way.

The twist of the tale is that he was drunk all along, so he could still deny what he saw once he sobered up. Haha.

Great piece!! I thought I would skim through this to grasp the theme but I guess I got trapped in your artistry.

Excellent work!


Thanks a lot for the nice comments buddy. I'm so glad you found the piece interesting.
Cheers buddy

Thanks for that wounderful story