Cameroon steemit promotion

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Greetings to the gentle steemians in Cameroon. I bring to our youth the offer that is given to us in steemit .

They are many offer's that is being given to us but only 10% of the youths are following up .the rest of the youths are still blind as bout steemit in general and steem Cameroon


For the youth who doesn't know this platform , this is some of the logo and for those who know about it and they don't want to do something about ,I am pleading that we should come to know and understand it so that at the end of this we the youths of Cameroon should not be left behind.

We have promotion for Cameroon you going on now. The admin did their best by coming out with names of our youths per day who will have the opportunity to carryout any task the will like under steem Cameroon.


Now if you check it well you will see how our admin are trying all possible means for us to be active .

Now from the list presented above , you will see that it's ends on Thursday . Friday and Saturday is empty not that we don't have members ,we are just being lazy.

Now am pleading that we should come back to our steem Cameroon and grab our opportunity given to us thanks very much.
@nkengblaise @mrgreen @majerius

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