My review on my SP Achievement Pledge Program💪. | by @benjamin09


Hello, how do you do? Hope no worries. Welcome to my review post on my SP Achievement Pledge Program.


My SPAPP pledge, which was done last Tuesday. It was a pledge to reach 500 SP by the ending of December 2021. You can read more about my pledge in this link.

Before powerup.JPG

Before powerup

After powerup.JPG

After powerup

As of now, I have powered up 69 SP as a participation to the power up contest organized by @thegreens. You can read more about my power up post here, in this link.


Before I did my power up, I had 86 SP which was 414 SP away from my targeted 500 SP. After the power up of 69 SP, I am just 345 SP away from my targeted 500 SP.

Thank you for going through my review of my SPAPP pledge.


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Great job bro. I see you will surpassed your target even before December approaches because I see you are so determined


Determination is the key to attainment of objectives.
Thanks for replying

This is wonderful my man. Nice determination and focus. Kudos !do not relent your efforts and keep doing this for the future. The future is very bright.


Thank you for replying to my post with this wonderful wprds.


You are Welcome

Courage boss, you will surely pass your target soon 🤝


I hope to surpass my target before December even.😀

· day I will be like you guys 🤗🤗


You will surpass us surely😀👍

Bravo bro. It isn't easy, you will hit your goal with such determination.


Thank you for leaving an encouraging comment.


You are welcome my brother.

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