My review on my SP Achievement Pledge Program(SPAPP) | by @benjamin09

Greetings dear steemians, hope all is good. Welcome to my post about my second review of my SPAPP pledge which was to reach 500 SP by December 2021. By the grace of God, everything is moving.


Before the power up


Before I powered up, I had 170 SP, 11steem and 4.7 SBD. My objective for this week was to reach 200 SP. So I had to trade 1.67 of my SBD to add to my 11 steem so I can power up 30 steem.


After the power up


By the end of the power up, my steem balance was 0, and my SP increased by 30 steem.


From the above power up, my SP rose from 170 to 201 SP changing my SPAPP difference from 330 SP to 299 SP. This means that I need to increase my SP by 299 SP in order to reach my desired 500 SP.

Thanks for reading.


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More grace to achieved your desire bro


Thank you bro💪

Making a pledge is one thing and keeping to the pledge is another thing. I thank God you are full filling all your pledge my brother. I see you hitting your target in less than no time


I pray I do so too. Thanks for replying

You are just proving that from scratch you can get there. I pray you continue with this pledge always and always


Thank you for the prayers. I receive in Jesus' name!!

Ahead ahead bro we are behind u full force💪


Thanks for the love bro💪

This is great
As they say invest now and enjoy later
More powerup's


You got that right. Powering up now is like investing for the future

The rate at which you are growing is incredible bro. Courage


Thank you.🙏

This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a steemian..Kudos @benjamin09 i see you are almost close to your target..


You are most welcome ..

@benjamin09 really nice bro u made your pledge and u kept it ...I think thats great because keeping a promise this days is quite difficult


I tell you. Its just by the grace of God that I remembered about it before acting on it

This is catch-up vote for your achievement post of your Achievement 3 Task Below


Hi, @benjamin09,

Your post has been supported by @saxopedia from the Steem Greeter Team.


Thank you.

You are doing well to get to your wush Sir. Its all about re investing into the system.
That's where our breakthrough lies
Kudoz brother


This guy knows what I'm talking about😀
Thanks for replying