My third monthly review on my SPAPP objective of 500 SP on or before December 2021. | by @benjamin09

Hello guys and welcome to my third monthly review on my SPAPP which is to obtain 500SP on or before 31/12/2021.



My previous review level.



From my last SPAPP review in this post, I had powered up and I was at 379 SP level which is 121 SP away from my targeted 500 SP.

Since then, I have done another power up of 87 STEEM as seen in this post and also, I have gotten curator rewards plus SP gotten from post payout author rewards.


My current review level.


After powerup.JPG

After my power up and my rewards, my SP has changed from 379 SP to 478 SP. This means that, I have to power up only 22 SP more to reach my targeted 500 SP😁.


Thank you for reading.


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You're going the right path bro. I'm enjoying your journey here it's cool and amazing. My power ups are loading. Hahahaha I'll be doing #club100❤️


😅🙌🏽 na wuna be grand dem nor. Its good to do powerups🌝

This is amazing my boy. I pray other Cameroonian Steemians follow from your footsteps because indeed your a true committed Steemian with a clear vision


Thanks bro. Being a light to others is a great pleasure.

I just recently powered up and i hope to have atleast 300sp by November,its really amazing it's not easy but your sure doing it


I just power up most of my earnings rather than withdraw. And you should join Crypto Academy and do beginner courses so that they will vote you well.

Well done bro. Keep climbing

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