The Power Up Challenge Vol. 13 | #SPUD4STEEM and win Steem | by @benjamin09


Hello, and welcome to another edition of my power up for the power up contest organised by @thegreens.

image edited using pixellab by @benjamin09

Before powerup.JPG
Before the power up, I had 69 Steem and 86 SP. So, I decided to powerup all of the 69 Steem.

During powerup.JPG
I clicked to power up with last drop of Steem in my wallet.

After powerup.JPG
By the end of my power up, I had 0 Steem left, and 155 SP.

Thank you for going through my powerup post.
God bless you.


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Thats a huge power up bro, courage


Thanks bro💪💪😜

Little by little you're getting there. Powering up now is very difficult with the scarcity of SBD😂
Thank God you love investing


But why is SBD scarce now like that na massa?😂😂
Thank you for replying

God bless you my brother. This is really a huge sacrifice as you have decided to powerup all your STEEM balance and it Is also a good form of investing for the Future. I am encouraging u to keep up with this spirit my brother


Thank very much for appreciating my efforts.
God bless bless bro.


Welcome bro


Seeing you you have a reputation of 52 and totally SP of 155, I will recommend you to subscribe to cryptoacademy Community and start taking on beginners fixed courses. I think your sis @rosita-nkefor can help you out with this


Yeah. I already directed him on it. He's started taking the classes.


Thank you passing on this info but @rosita-nkefor already informed and led me to crypto academy.

The zero balance makes it a sacrifice 💪. I hope to do this soon also


Better do bro! Powering up is investing for the future.

@benjamin09, you're setting the pace for other newbies to follow and if all steemians powered-up like you are doing, then we will build a stronger and more rewarding community.
Keep powering up coz powering up is investing in your future and our future.


I intend on making powering up a lifestyle here on steemit depending on my payouts😎. I hope I could inspire newbies to powerup also rather than only withdrawing for like you said,

powering up is investing in your future and our future.