The Power Up Challenge Vol. 19 | 87 STEEM powered up. | by @benjamin09

Hello friends and welcome to my power up post where I powered up 87 STEEM as I earlier promised to power up 70+ STEEM today, Monday 25th of October 2021. The post I made for this power up promise is the link below.



Before the powerup.

Before powerup.JPG

Before the powerup, I had totals of 87.59STEEM, 390SP and 2.7SBD.


During the powerup.

During powerup.JPG

So, I decided to power up all the Steem in order to fulfill my pledge of powering up 70+ Steem today.
Also, powering up this Steem increases my influence on the Steemit platform and also gets me closer to my SPAPP goal.
Powering up this amount of Steem also makes me eligible for #club5050 as I'm powering up more than 50% of my earnings.


After the powerup.

After powerup.JPG

After powering up, I now had 0STEEM and 478SP.


Thank you for reading.


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Beautiful power up bro very beautiful, i love this. You're growing exponentially


Thanks man. Its grace

I'm not surprised of your power up because you do this on daily bases and I recommend you to continue with this good spirit my boy


That was the plan. To make power ups a normal life style

That's a great move , just now you have reached 400sp and above💪💪
You are really consistent

Wow great bro lets keep the community up and running



Power up Power up, interesting, I am challenge by your commitment Sir.


Thank you bro