Updating Delegation to Steem Cameroon Community | From 100SP to 300SP | by @benjamin09

Greetings dear steemians and welcome to my delegations update post. In this post I will take you through my journey on how I updated my delegation to @steem-cameroon community.



Before updating delegation.


before delegation.jpg

Before updating my delegations, I had already delegated 100SP to @steem-cameroon. I had as effective SP, 282SP. So, I decided to add to my delegation an addition of 200SP that will make the total delegated SP to @steem-cameroon to be 300SP. And my effective SP will drop to 82SP.

during delegated.png


After Delegation.


after delegation.jpg

After editing, I now have a total of 300SP delegated to my favorite community Steem Cameroon.

You can confirm my delegation with this account operation screenshot from my Steem World.

delegation proof.png


Thank you for reading. I hope to get your comments on this in the comments section.
I also hope to get labelled soon by our community's great MODs @fombae and @majerius.


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I'm glad to see you updating your delegation to our beloved community bro. Together we gonna fill the community account through our delegations and it's for the good of all of us.

Thanks a lot for your review bro


Exactly bro. We all just need to contribute and help our community grow.
U r very welcome.

Yes my man you are on the right track. Keep up .This is what is expected from us all. The little we will do will make a big difference.Kudos


Thank you bro.

Wow you are just in my mind bro? I my self I was thinking of reviewing my delegation these days


Then that is really great then! We have to build our community.


Wow what a great thing boss. I’m still at 50 but I will come up soon 😌.
Congrats and more wings


Thank you bro

This is really nice.. our community needs more people like you


It will be very nice in that case.😅😅