The diary game. The unending season. Season 3My busy day 25 September 2021.

4개월 전

Hello good evening my dear people i will like to share with you how my day went today septzmber 25th.
I got up early in the morning at 6am commoted my day to God through a short prayer. Brush my teeth and toke breakfast.
I had to go out at about 9am to go check on a house for rent

This photo was taken wen i was about to leave the house.
I was rushing to go came back quick to watch the English premier league match.
Chelsea versus Manchester city
Later today at 12pm i started watching super sports and waiting for the match at 12:30pm


I watched the match just up to 30minutes and received a call feom a friend who invited me over and shockingly when i reached there she was preparing some food for me.



I enjoyed alot at her place and right after that i went over to my place and started watching news.
The day was so lovely guys.

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Wow i can see u had a good day.
You men love football too much
With the ingredients am seeing that was surely delicious


Great hope Chelsea did not give you heart attack


Chealsea though the didn't win
The tried their best.
I like chelsea


What else can we do without football😂

Wow happy are those who have friends who can cook and call them over to eat ,

From the look of things your friend entertained you with some good food 😂 I don't want to guess what it was but I am sure you were satisfied visiting her.


Yeah enough.
It was more than the word😊😊

I can see you had a good day. I watched the match too. From the ingredients you posted its as if your friend prepared rice and groundnut soup. If your friend did prepare it then i must confess its a good meal


For sure.
You seem like a good kitchen man/woman.
You see ingredients and you know the dish.
Indeed the groundnut soup was nice.

What a kind hearted friend, be a good friend to her ooooh bro, hahahahaah

What a great moment it was for you both ,I guess the day all went good