Steem Cameroon Shares njangi Beneficiary Post :22/05/2021 by @chant

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Hello everyone and good evening to all. I hope we all had a splendid day. As for me it was a busy day full with a lot of activities. It has been a while now when Steem Cameroon came up with the idea of steemians owning shares which will enabled the community account to meet up the target of 100,000 Steem power within a period of two years. The idea was welcomed by all of which I was part. I could not hesitate to partake in the shares through the weekly njangi. We were required to send 1 SBD per share to Steem Cameroon and I took 5 shares. This requires a lot of commitment and support guys to enable the target to be meet up.

Notwithstanding, I had as intention to use all my njangi to build my shares within a short period of time. But as it is usually said, man proposes and God decides. I am going to use the 26 SBD to support my father who has been greatly affected by the Anglophone crisis. He is someone who loves to stay in the village and has always asked for us to give him any support we wished to. He was once taken by the Cameroon military from the village, tortured him and abandoned at the regional hospital. I can never forget that incident. Since then he has eye problems which of recent requires surgery.

547DF2FF-63DA-46B5-A7B3-4CC4A45D91F1.jpegMy dad

He is a farmer and does pig farming though in a small scale within his reach. My 26 SBD will equally assist him to buy food for the pigs while he will be in the hospital. After the surgery he needs more support and I think helping him with money to feed the pigs will enable him to raise more funds from the sales of the pigs.

As I earlier mentioned, the intention was for me to use all the njangi to power up my shares on Steem Cameroon. As I am using this to support my dad, the remaining 4 shares will be used all to power up my shares.

075E189C-51C8-4F80-A707-B7562A2EA514.jpegDad’s small pig farm


I will used this opportunity to thank Steem Cameroon team especially the administrators for bringing up this initiative timely. Yes timely because most of us never knew the importance of building the community account. There is a saying that “United we stand and divided we fall”. This njangi will help unite Steem Cameroonians and a stronger community. We are stronger together and with this njangi we are going to walk the talk on steemit.
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@chant so sorry for the incident which led to your dad's case. We really need our government to change strategies and become God fearing. You've done well to help him out with his situation both health wise and financially is great. Courage and as a family we pray for a good outcome of the operation.
#affable #cameroon

8@chant, I'm so touched with ur beneficiary post write up😭😭...
Your Dad will be so happy having that support from you,i must confess, you have choosed to do the write thing with 26SBD . The incident of the military treating your poor Dad is really bad,I'm deeply sorry and pray that he be able to raise enough funds to do the surgery, remember that in life family first ❤... i have upvoted, resteemed your post, indeed this njangi will empower us to become better citizens... God bless @thegreens


Thanks for the going through my post, it’s our prayer and wish that at the end everyone will smile.

This is so touching. I feel your pain deep down my heart. Your post made me remember seeing really dad incidents I have had with the military and well.
I pray papa gets well soon.
Courage mum. well.


I can imagine the trauma you went through if my dad is still suffering from it till today.

@chant, this crisis has brought a lot of pain and suffering to the beautiful people of our region. I can feel the pain when you say you will never forget your dad was tortured and left helpless at the regional hospital. Honestly, I’ll never forget such a thing and it’s these kind of incidences that force young people to become radicalized.
Thank God he is fine. Please let us know when the surgery is taking place let’s see how we can mobilize some support.
I’m happy this njangi will be able to support your dad and confident that you will use your next 4 shares to power up the community account. However dedicating 26SBD for the account power-up isn’t small and I believe we will hit our 100k target SP sooner than we all think.
It gladdens my heart to know that this Njangi will create a very positive impact in the life of your family. Good luck with the piggery and wishing your dad a successful surgery.


He left the hospital last week and was given medicine to take for a month and come back for check up because the doctor who is supposed to do the surgery has traveled. So, we now depend on the doctors program when he will be back.

Congratulations to you @chant. I see your proceeds are fully for dad. May all that he will put the money into be a success. Meanwhile we continue on our project . #steemcameroon ahead ahead


Thanks for the support.

Wow....what a great intitiative by @steem-cameroon .@chant you have great plans....i wish this plan be excuted as u have planned. The crisis has really affected a lot of persons..Myself i am not left out.we pray Cosmic forces interven for this crisis to be resolved....


It’s our wish that the crisis come to an end but remember in conflict studies “human beings are always at the stage of conflict”. So crisis will always be there but we need to managed them on time in order to avoid relapse of conflicts.

Wow amazing, your old man will be so happy.

Ooh my God 😭.I'm so so sorry about what happened to your dad .but I thank 🙏 God he is fine and strong though still suffering with his eye problem due to the brutality of the military ,at least I'm happy you can now use the 26SBD to take proper care of him ...I'm also happy for the decision you took to help out your dad's situation .with this kindness of yours ,he will be proud of you and you shall be blessed

@chanty you are a powerful woman. You seem to be a strong and independent woman. Keep up! Support your dad and grow all your businesses

So sad the same people who claim they are here to protect life and property are the same people inflicting pain on us. One day all this shall come to pass.

I pray that what ever you give you dad, let our creator multiply it a hundred times.

Your family is blessed.
Happy Sunday .

@chant your Njangi Beneficiary made me tear up, it so sad what your dad has been through and you as well and I'm very happy to see that the Njangi scheme will be able to bring smiles to your face again. You have great plans and I wish you the best dear your daddy will be proud.

He is a farmer and does pig farming though in a small scale within his reach.

Wow pig farming has been a very fruitful farming domain practice in most localities in our region. Increasing his investment will really boost his production and also better the living standard of his family. I know he will appreciate this gesture from you, and powering up the rest of your SBD will greatly increase the speed of getting to your target.

@chant your beneficiary post has almost driven me into tears. But nevertheless out redeemer liveth and for sure things will be okay. I'm glad to know how Steemit has gone to the extent of supporting families. This write-up is great and trust me when I say every thing will be okay.Thabk for sharing with us


Do not cry my dear, we had long passed the days of crying. Remember the song “…everyday oooh na so so cry oooh… water don finish for wa eye”. The have cried enough during this crisis and do not want to cry again. Yes our redeemer liveth

waoh, great works your dad does back there in the village. this crisis will one day end and what i will say7 is that i will put you dad in prayers for quick recovery.

let this njangi give him his heart desire.

stay blessed.

Nothing last forever. Lets keep pushing in our personal endeavors. More grace to you

I will really like the initiative u will be taking as to regard of this njangi fun. May your father be proud of having u as a daughter with differences.

Oohhh!!! So sorry about your father's health situation @chant. I pray it gets a successful operation and regain his sight again. I can imagine the pain he must be going through with the eye problems. It is well God is in control.

This crisis has caused so much harm to us than good my dear. Many innocent people are dying, some are using it to settle their scores by killing, thieves are engaged into kidnapping and torturing people to extort money. The military on its own side doing their own making the people suffer. Someday the light shall come for sure. This is indeed a great plan for Steem Cameroon to build the account and also to offer assistance to us. The assistance your giving to your father is so great. Take care of him and may God see you through
#twopercent #cameroon

Reading this i couldn’t help but remember my own dad who left this world 10years ago, i understand the importance and value of ones dad in her life especially now that i don’t have so i know exactly how you feel knowing that your father is going through hard moments due to the crisis . Supporting him with 26 SBD is just amazing and i love the spirit , keep it up and God will see him through these difficult period in his life while we keep praying for an end to the crisis

Wow thats a cool idea, helping up your Dad during this hard time of his life. I pray he gets better soon when the surgery is done. Stay blessed
#twopercent #cameroon

Your write up almost made me burst out in tears. Your dad must be so proud to have a daughter like you who in his present state can still run his affairs and still look for means to support him with medical bills. I pray his surgery will b a successful one and God reward all your efforts

I can almost relate your father's story with mine...
This same anglophone crises has affected my father business he was doing such that he had to enter in piggery farming

He has about 22 pigs in his pig farm which I usually help him take care of the farm...

Supporting my old man has always been on my mind, therefore I think this is what I will do when I will be the njangi beneficiary ✌️

Reading through your beneficiary post I had to reflect and thank God for our parents life. Especially for those who have been affected and their lives preseved. Many people have fled villages because of the crisis but grand father's and mothers prefer no place than home. Supporting your father is very thoughtful of you my dear because we children are our parents walking staff when they are aging. More Respect and courage to you dear@chant. With your beneficiary post I see this njangi putting smiles in our families faces.
Hopefully one day my sincere prayers is for the end of this crisis where we will go by carrying our daily activities without any fear of attacks and kidnapping.

Woaw this is soo touching, family is very important and your dad is so fortunate to have you. Hope this gets to change all our lives. I love this💓💓💓

Going through this post I got to understand more about the Steem Cameroon njangi
May God help us through this fight for peace in our country
Sorry about your fathers health ,wish him a quick recovery and I pray his surgery is successful
Hope your beefits from this njangi helps your dad greatly


Your dad will be very proud of you, I really like your courage and how you are not seeing posting your him as Shame.Some people will be ashamed that people will be pointing hands at him or her saying he or she is the one who was not even having a little shame and start posting his sick father using him us advantage to get money.may God bless you and keep your heart clean so that you can keep caring about people up