Where is the Sanity and Sanctity of humanity?

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Every child born into the earth has a knowledge which is inherent to his or her nature. And that knowledge tells them how to eat even though they have never been taught.
However this Knowledge is instinctive every animal in nature in nature exhibits this knowledge called Instinct.

We all instinctively close our eyes when there is some impending danger or thread to our eyes. This instinctive behavour has been implanted in us by our creator.

Likewise we can claim we dont know what is right and we decieve ourselves by trying to proof to ourselves how wise we are in our own eyes. But I will let you know one truth and fact deeply within everyone is a knowledge of what is wrong and what is right. When it concerns issues of Life and death think with your heart and not your head.

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They are a few things about our personalities that cannot be descided by use. Just to name a few we have Nationality, Race, gender, the families we are born into etc. So many things we just grew up and realised about ourselves. In God's manifold and immense wisdom He chose these factors of our Live for his good will.

There is so much balance in the God's creative process. Everything he created exhibit excellence and stability. He created Light and darkness, all animals Male and female, eventhough to the subatomic level we have Negative and positive charges. This is the balance in the structure God created.

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However as time passes the Devil has continually tried to corrupted the beauty that is encapsulated in God's Knowledge. And everyone who has had a self gratifying ambition falls prey for his traps.

Unfortunately, our generation since from the beginning of the earth is one that has exhibited so much perversity and corruption. It is in this generation that you find people who are completely oblivious about their personalities.

The Sanctity and Sanity of humanity is no where to be found. There is little or no value for human Lives anymore. Infact very few people even value their own lives. I grew up in an era were death was a very scarce factor in the society. But recently we have an amount of death record that hasn't been for a long time in the world. It was a scarce thing to hear that a young man was dead.

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Unfortunately our own nation is suffering from such deterioration😭
But nowadays due to alot of corruption from personal lust. It is saddening to get up every morning to news like this one below.


What is really happen in this world of ours???😣

Alot of people are dehumanizing themselves by denying their own genders and race. Alot of people who claim to have no clue about their personalities governed by inner corrupt and unsatisfied lost.

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screenshots from google

what is wrong with our world??😣

In trying to be wise they have become fools who cannot find anything satisfying in their own personalities.

The sanity of Humanity is no where to be found!!

The world in trying to proof that they are wise have lost the little sanity they have. We have had alot of technological advancements but we have suffered so much regression in our souls.

The common ethiquete of care and compassion has become difficult to find. Infact a great number of vices are been celebrated in the society as cultural advancements.
Literally every sight on the media has been over sexualised. Unfortunately we have sold the very factors that make us human to dead Knowledge and lust for money, self gratification.

However the Sincere truth is God's mercy has been larvishedly poured upon all mankind. If in any way, you have a victim of this things before then there is room for you to change.

Infact they are actually two kinds of knowledge, knowledge that gives Life and one that brings death. The Knowledge of the truth brings Life and can give you safety and peace of mind unlike the other kind of knowledge. You can rid yourself of this corruption by accepting the light the Light of God's word.

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