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Greeting to everyone is another opportunity given to Team Cosmopolitan to carry on for August. I will use this opportunity to thank the steemit team for trusting and believing in the work the team was able to do despite the challenges. For August, Team Cosmopolitan will continue to curate under the theme Steemgrowth. More detail can be gotten from the latest update post from steemitblog Steemit Update [ July 29th, 2022 ]: Community Curators for August

Team Cosmopolitan

[Steem Growth, Contest, Powerups, Burnsteem25, Steem Promotion, Marketing, Development]

For your post to be curated by Team Cosmopolitan, you need to follow a set of tags. #steemgrowth banner cover tags like #steemgrowth, #contest, #burnsteem25, and #steemexclusive. Note, that it is important to make sure your content is related to the tags used. To be very clear, let's look at each tag

1) #steemgrowth, content about the growth of the steemit/steem, powerup, promotions, new projects, etc.


  • Writing a post after organizing a steemit event
  • Writing a post after introducing Newbies
  • Writing a post that explains the terms used on the steemit platform
  • Writing a post that gives updates or corrections to developed user experiences of steemians etc.
  • Writing a post to introduce a new project which can help to better the steemit platform as a whole.

2) #development, the development tag cover content of new tools used on the steemit platform, such as software, Interfaces, etc.

3) #contest, this tag cover content about announcing a contest or publishing the winners of your contest.

4) #burnsteem25, this mean means 25% of your payout is set to null. You are eligible to use this tag if you have set 25% beneficiaries to null.

5) #steemexclusive, means your publication is steemexclusive (i.e we will find the content only on the steemit platform)

To ensure your post is curated

  • Steemexclusive
  • Club status ( #club5050, #club75, #club100 )
  • Quality Content (300 words, meaningful pictures, etc)
  • Apply some level of Markdown (Text justify)
  • Plagiarized free content (check your post using online platforms smallseotools, Duplichecker)
  • Bid-Bot Free and not guilty of buying votes (making use of accounts like @tipu, @upvu, etc.)
  • Some Level of engagement (Have at least two comments on your post)

Following the guidelines, Team Cosmopolitan will be using the @steemcurator07 curating account to curate content that respects all the guides. I @fombae, pledge to strictly continue to follow these guidelines to make sure I curate good and quality content.

Lastly, the steemit team is at the corner to support the author whose post will be recommended. Let's do our best to always stand a chance for this opportunity. For any question, tag any of the members of Team Cosmopolitan

Team MembersNationalityClub
@huzaifanaveed1 [Team Leader]Pakistan#club100

Always check, and make sure you are in line with the guideline, as my team and I looks forward to reading quality content.

Thanks for dropping by

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Steem greetings @fombae,

Steem Cameroon appreciates your dedication and encourages you to do more.

Verified Member
Club Status (club75)
Hold Liquid Steem(SBD/STEEM)
Bot Free
Plagiarism free
Contest: #steemgrowth
Steemit/Contest Rules

Account Review

CSI18.8 ( 0.00 % self, 253 upvotes, 118 accounts, last 7d )
Voting Manna~83%
Blog/Account Reviewi will call on you to always check your voting manna before curating. Curating with high voting manna earns you high curation rewards. Continue to support others with upvotes and engaging comments. Steem Cameroon is honoured to have representatives in places that can help us grow with steem.

Reviewed by: @b-naj


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Curated By - @fombae
Curation Team - Cosmopolitan

Hello bro I'm really glad you made this post, I wish read it earlier, before posting. Thanks for sharing though


You are welcome