THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2021-01-20): Every moment count.



Hello friends.

It has been a very long nite for me. I got up at 6 am, and the reason for oversleeping, I cant tell. Well, to catch up with time, I will not have to do my early morning workout this morning. It's time to prepare myself for work. I took my bath, next was to prepared my daughter too for school. By 7:15 am, we were done and ready to step out. It is cold in the morning hours. We are going through the Harmattan period. It is important to dress warmly if you are in this part of my country(Cameroon) to avoid catching a cold. We took a cab, and drop at my daughter's school. I walk her to her class and left for my place of work.

I got to the office while going through my list of to-do for the day. My colleague came in with bananas. Bananas are one of the products exported from my country. I had some and continue with my work. I have been working on uploading and fixing the error on some projects. The previous day I had to upload the Sysy web project. Due to a network problem, I noted it to be done today. I succeeded to upload the files today and updated the database.

It was 2:15 pm, time to pick my daughter from school. I left for her school, and I was on time today. We got home, and I had lunch. After my lunch, I gave my daughter work from what we did during the weekend. This was to make sure she understood what we did. While she was doing her homework, I rush back to the office.

I got to the office, posted a task online. For some time now we have been outsourcing some tasks.

Are you an experienced UI designer with a knack for simple, beautiful, and sophisticated designs? We're looking for someone to propose a state of the art homepage (desktop/mobile) mockup for one of our projects.
#adobe #xd #photoshop #design #graphic #web

When I was done and posted it online, I close for the day. Today my country will be playing against Mali. I will not want to miss the game. I went home when the game had started, and both teams had scored. It was not easy for the Cameroon team, and the Malian team means business. Well, the game ended in a (1:1) draw. I could not take a screenshot at the end of the game because electricity was interrupted at 88 minutes.

Before the second game started, electricity was back. Now the second game complicated the group the more for my country. Yeah, I have to think about my country Haahahahaha. Burkina Faso winning Zimbabwe three goals to one is not good for Cameroon.

Cameroon will have to win or draw their next game, which will be against Burkina Faso. Losing to Burkina Faso, we are out of the competition. Well, anything can happen in the game of football. After the second game, it was 10 pm local time. I went to bed, it been a long day,

Thanks for reading my diary game, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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