THE DIARY GAME SEASON 3 (2021-01-21): Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.



It was 5 am, and I was up from bed. I had to do my early morning workout. But because of laziness, I did not complete it. I took my bath after my early morning workout. I prepare my daughter for school. My wife made us breakfast, and after breakfast, we were off. It was not easy having a cab, but we succeeded in having one at my daughter's school. The cab drops us at her school, and I walk her to her classroom. From my daughter's school, I walk to my place of work.

Like every morning, if I happen to be the first at the office. I have to clean all the tables when I was through with cleaning the tables. I took a look at my list of to-do. By midday, I have my online python class. I started working following my list of to-do. One of our clients had to reorganize the data position on their landing page. I had to work on that this morning.

It was time for my online class, and we were looking at if and else in python programming. We did some examples and which I follow well during the class. Well, I think I'm not finding any difficulty at the moment because of my knowledge of PHP programming. I was giving an excise to multiply the elements in a set. I did and submitted and had passed the mark.
Screenshot 20210121 224531.png Screen Shot of my result

After the class, I took some time off with @saxopedia. We were talking about the organization of the Steemit seminar tomorrow. After necessary conclusions, it was time for me to pick my daughter from school. I left for her school, and she was waiting. From they, we went home. Lunch was ready, and I had my lunch and headed back to the office.
IMG_20210121_135733.jpg @saxopedia, @samuelarinyu and I

IMG_20210121_151442.jpg My lunch (rice and beans)

On getting to the office, one of our clients shows up. She needs a laptop to work. I prepared one of our office laptops and offer it to her to go work with it home and return late tomorrow. It was almost 5 pm, and I'm a fan of football. I'm not missing a game, so I close for the day I went home.

When I got home, It was time. I took my seat, join my wife is watching the first match. The first match was between Libya and DR Congo. The match ended in a draw. We had dinner together while waiting on the second game at 8 pm local time. The competition in this group scares me. This because if Cameroon goes through to the second round. Cameroon will have to play one of the teams from this group.
IMG_20210121_185259.jpg TV screen (End of first gmae)

The second game started, it was between Congo and Niger. This was not an easy game like anyone will have assumed. Both teams control the game at every point in time. Well also ended on a (1:1) draw make it stuff on the last day of play. That will be when the final decision of which team goes to the second round will be decided. After the second game, I wrote my diary game and went to bed.
IMG_20210121_215043.jpg TV screen (End of second gmae)

Thanks for reading my diary game, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

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