THE DIARY GAME:29/08/2021

2개월 전

Hello everyone greetings to you all hope you all doing ok I bring to you another edition of my diary . This faithful day being a Sunday I woke up from Bed at exactly 5:30am had my lil prayer session, did some lil exercise , left my room went out ease myself, greeted some of my neighbors then proceeded with my morning duties so by 8:30am I was done with all my chores . From there I had to go to lil project side to check how work was going and also help out with some lil things I had to be fast with with every lil thing I was doing since I had a program to attend to at 12noon. At 11:30am I had head back home , immediately had my bath , dressed up then jion the screw . The program we were to attend was a cultural one and it was my first time partaking in such and event . We had to take a general vehicle to the place ,on our way we had to be singing at every control point so to prevent being stopped at around 1:30pm we arrived our location we were given a place to sit ,food , drink's and three live chickens was offered to us




After eating and drinking we then went
and displayed some cultural tunes it was hell for us as rain started falling but still we had to perform under . As we finished performing we had to go change and immediately took off . We arrived back at the quarter at 5pm some people were ordered to go prepare the fowl ,while waiting we were having some lil conversation not long the chicken was ready
We had to share it ,also shared the money we made from there I immediately when home . Arrived home by 7:30pn had my rest so that's how my day was

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The day was a good one bro Tha ks for sharing with us The chicken is so apetizing ohh. It's amazing how you guys will sing arou d police controls for them to let you pass